New Moon in Sagittarius: play to win


New Moon in Sagittarius
Tuesday, November 29, 2016
@ 7:18 AM EST

Moon & Sun @ 7 Sagittarius 42
Juno @ 7 Sagittarius 54

Moon-Sun-Juno conjunct in Sagittarius

Moon-Sun-Juno are square the Lunar Nodes

Ruler of the New Moon is Jupiter.
Jupiter is square Saturn in Sagittarius (Jupiter’s ruling sign)

Jupiter is in Venus-ruled Libra
Venus is square Uranus

This New Moon is a BIG deal because Sagittarius likes to play BIG. Ruler Jupiter takes risks – go beyond where nothing is certain.

Sagittarius is the explorer. Long-range is best. And if you don’t heed the call of the Sagittarius New Moon and maintain a sedentary lifestyle, you can wind up feeling quite restless.

Even if you do stay home in your armchair, get out a good book, expand your mind, take the initiative to learn something new, or do more of what you enjoy.

So what are you going to do? And where are you going to go?

Juno, the asteroid of intimate relationships, is conjunct the Moon & Sun exactly at the New Moon. We are seeking to belong. We have an emotional need to be part of a relationship that has meaning, because that is how we find safety and security. Not just in our outside situation, but within our Selves. If you didn’t feel this kind of security as a child, you may continue to look for it as an adult because this is a basic need. And not satisfying it means you run the risk of being dependent on the wrong people, or even the right people yet not be able to have a healthy relationship because you are too needy, and unable to fulfill basic needs within yourself.

The connection of Juno to the Sun shows you are ready to create relationships that are healthy and fulfilling. A relationship that gives you the structure to be yourself, to be creative, to express your individuality. To celebrate YOU. You may feel more relaxed about a need to be ‘joined at the hip’ with your partner and let the relationship ebb and flow, without looking to your partner to take care of your every need. You’ve got it covered!

That all sounds promising (and promising is something Sagittarius loves). So there’s no problem. Right?

Except for Venus! The ruler of the Sag Moon, Jupiter, is square Venus making it a big challenge to be honest with yourself and influenced by someone who strokes your ego. Indulging can be fun, yet also make you open to being exploited by your own generosity. Venus is also exactly square Uranus, making relationships spontaneous, which can be fun – yet also unstable. And that can be a problem if you’re looking to a relationship for security. Venus at the focal point of a T-Square to Uranus and Jupiter underscores the importance of keeping the big picture – the long-run – clearly in mind.

An exaggerated sense of self – and of expectations for fulfillment from outside yourself – can make harder to find what is real, and what is really fulfilling.

(Yes, Donald Trump has a Sagittarius Moon – in the 4th house opposing Sun/Uranus/North Node in the 10th)

Venus is also semi-square the Sun & Moon & Juno at the New Moon. This is a SENSITIVE Moon, a time feelings can easily get bruised. You may crave people and public interaction, yet you can take things too personally, making acceptance elusive – it can seem like you never quite get what you hope for. Insisting on everything working out your way can be ironically insensitive and drive a wedge between yourself and others.

We also see the Sun & Moon square the Lunar Nodes, so dealings with the public can be challenging. You can be out of tune with what’s trending socially. Beliefs can conflict, acceptance can be elusive or unlikely. Taking big risks can be risky, and playing to win may not work, no matter how big a spender you are.

Looking for ways to genuinely understand and forgive can create a shift of perspective that is a miracle.

Appropriately for the Sag New Moon, we’re traveling. More to come…. Mercury will station Retrograde the day the Electoral College meets. Change of mind? Sure. Too late? Most likely. I’ve written more about this in the last post () and will write more soon.

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