Break through to LOVE: New Moon on October 4

New Moon on October 4, 2013
Moon @ 11 Libra
Sun @ 11 Libra

SUN squares PLUTO on October 1
SUN opposes URANUS on October 3
NEW MOON on October 4

Here we go again. The long-term (5 year) Uranus-Pluto square is being activated by the NEW MOON in Libra – opposing Uranus and square Pluto. The big bad T-Square is in effect. Again.

Choices: have an outburst of emotion – or – break through to LOVE. But how….

I’m posting this early – before the NEW MOON – because the SUN makes the intense connection to PLUTO (Tuesday, Oct 1) and URANUS (Thursday, Oct 3) – and these aspects will be in STRONG effect through the NEW MOON on FRIDAY.

THiS IS IMPORTANT STUFF – SO intense the US Government is shutting down.

EMOTIONS are INTENSIFIED – Finances are in question

And the coming NEW MOON will AMPLIFY and PERSONALIZE those emotions.

We can shift into temper TANTRUM mode. Or, we can look at WHY we are feeling so irritable. What is behind our irritability – what in our SELVES in not being cared for? And how can we care for our SELVES, our SOULS?

If you’re not getting what you need to be happy – you can get into an extreme state of irritation, blaming everyone and anyone who seems to be preventing your happiness and fulfillment.

Is this the time to PUSH yourself on others? It may feel that way!

If others are not getting your message – do you hit them over the head harder? Is that going to make you feel better? It may seem that way as the SUN makes it the URANUS-PLUTO square (5 years long) into an immediate and personal CRISIS situation. We see it in the government – we may also see it in our personal lives. And not just around money.

Are you going to SHUT DOWN, flip OUT to get what you want? Or are you ready for a soul upgrade?

Are you ready to share LOVE. Or make up stories to grab all you can for yourself, thinking that will make you feel better?

If we truly do not believe that anyone else matters – that the purpose of our lives it to get all we can – other people don’t matter and we are probably not going to care about any of this.

But that’s not the point of LIBRA.

LIBRA is about relating. Having RELATIONSHIPS, making connections to other people. If our only reason to have a relationship is to get more for ourselves, we’re not experiencing LIBRA energy, which is LOVE because LIBRA is ruled by VENUS, the love planet. We’re blocking love energy with fear. And we can expect this week to go horribly wrong if we FLIP out and other people become more entrenched against us.

If you’re still not convinced this is the time to consciously intend to do GOOD things for others, the ECLIPSES are coming. This week’s New Moon is the last lunation before the eclipses. The following FULL MOON – October 18 – is a LUNAR ECLIPSE and the next NEW MOON – November 3 is a SOLAR ECLIPSE.

As doorways to new dimensions – ECLIPSES spell CHANGE. If you are not ready to go through the doorway to the next dimension, an ECLIPSE falling on one of your planets or points can take you kicking and screaming. Even if you are ready, it still means something needs an upgrade. And to make it happen, you will need to take an ACTIVE role by intending, choosing to allow it to happen – to welcome change.

The LIBRA NEW MOON can be seen as a challenge – or an OPPORTUNITY – to notice where, when, how you put yourself before others, and where your ME-FIRST attitude is not only turning others off, but making life more alien and lonely for YOU. The more people are ‘in your face’ or confronting you about anything, the more you know this aspect is effecting you – by giving you the gift of awareness to change – to reconnect with your own soul. The good news is you have ABUNDANT ENERGY – you just have to know how to use it without demanding all the attention for yourself. It’s LIBRA – time to use your energy to work TOGETHER – to reconnect – with your SELF and with others.

VENUS – ruler of the LIBRA NEW MOON – is also about VALUE. What do we value – about ourselves and others – and what do we NOT value. If we have a lack of value for ourselves, we are not going to attract love or money into our lives. The Law of Attraction will work to attract more of what we value. Or don’t value.

NEW MOONS are hidden, and therefore intensify what is unseen. The more we don’t notice (or are unconscious), the stronger the New Moon’s effect. What comes up most during this NEW MOON in LIBRA opposing Uranus and square Pluto is that you can mask or cover up inner feelings of self-value by over-DOING or pushing too hard, based on an inner belief that doing more makes you a good person. And most people will agree that busy people are good, positive people. Yet, if you are being busy to cover a lack of inner peace, you can feel this more during the New Moon phase.

What if it’s not about pushing, but about learning what’s hidden behind the drive to be too good? Or to hide your light? What are you covering up or hiding behind? More energy is great. Energy clearing is helpful. Yet, with Mercury, North Node, Saturn, and Venus in Scorpio, it’s a perfect time to take it a step deeper.
(Mercury will be in Scorpio through Dec 4 because it will Retrograde in Scorpio, giving us additional time to receive and understand deeper messages.)

So why is it so important to reveal and understand our inner beliefs? Because this is what blocks or prevents us from experiencing love in our life. And right now we have an opening to break through to love & happiness.


(Astro Tech Note: The New Moon creates 2 YODS – aspect pictures of fated change. Uranus opposes Sun-Moon, now follow this, or you can see it in the chart) Saturn sextiles Vesta and both inconjunct Uranus, creating a YOD. Also, Chiron sextiles SouthNode and both inconjunct the New Moon (Sun-Moon conjunction), This makes both points of the Sun/Moon-Uranus opposition into focal points of YODS. You can see this as fated change – or you can see this as a time that when you can make an unprecedented breakthrough and shift to a higher consciousness, as symbolized by Uranus (opposing the New Moon). If you’re ready, let’s go…!

Thanks for sharing your blessings

4 thoughts on “Break through to LOVE: New Moon on October 4

  1. Mercury is highly positioned in my chart and I am In a long term relationship with a Scorpio. How will this 3 month retrograde effect mercury and Scorpio? Thanks.

    • Dear Sunny,
      Thanks for your question. It’s a great question, yet to answer in a way that would be helpful and accurate, i’d need to look at your entire chart, and that’s what i do in a personal reading. However, i will tell you that energetically, you are looking at this from a fear-based perspective. Please re-read the post. It’s exactly about how fear blocks your ability to love. This is what you need to work on if you want a happy fulfilling relationship. And the upcoming transits can help you to do that, as long as you come from your heart and not from your fear. Take a deep breath and focus on the light in your heart- and let it grow! Blessings, Lauren/

    • with Mercury elevated, your energy is high up in your head. since this is a relationship – emotional – issue, try consciously dropping your energy down into your 2nd chakra area, the seat of your emotions – the pelvis area. try not to control your emotions, relax, and trust your feelings. don’t analyze or try to figure out the outcome. keep at it.

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