New Moon in Leo: basking in the golden light

New Moon in Leo on August 6, 2013
@ 5:51 PM EDT
Moon and Sun @ 14 Leo 34

The Sun & Moon – and Vesta are all @ 14 degrees Leo

Back in Cancer – Jupiter-conjunct-Pallas-oppose-Pluto (the exact Jupiter-Pluto opposition is August 7, the next day)

The BIG deal (Anthony Weiner is just a symbol of how BIG):
Jupiter is opposing Pluto and square Uranus
Jupiter opposes Pluto on August 7
Jupiter squares Uranus on August 21, the day after the FULL MOON.

The flow of golden light is wide open. This is healing energy that radiates from your heart chakra. Now – at the Leo New Moon – you can align with this positive energy flow –

These aspects are BIG and growing bigger.
TRUTH OUT. Your heart wants to color your life, not the other way around. Your heart wants to make connection to your life.
Trying to hide the truth will only make it bigger – by increasing the fear you’re feeling.

If your philosophy and actions are based on inner beliefs that are limiting and negative, about yourself, others, or anything – you are creating energy patterns of negativity and disharmony – you are maneuvering and projecting to cause illness – financially and physically – at a more rapid pace now. And not just to stop your ‘enemies,’ the energy patterns you send reflect directly on you and will also stop your heart energy flow. This can be felt especially intensely now. You may not even notice it. That’s the New Moon effect, its hidden. But Jupiter is opposing Pluto, and psychological unconscious motives show up and become more intense – and therefore more obvious.

This doesn’t when the aspect eases off. Jupiter will station Retrograde, and this will repeat – stronger and with Mars – next April – by creating a CARDINAL GRAND CROSS – when Pluto squares Uranus squares Jupiter squares Mars – all 4 at 13 degrees CARDINAL, called a ‘critical’ degree, which means it is an especially sensitive degree, capable of great power in our lives. (This is especially intensified on April 20/21 when the Moon conjuncts Pluto at 13 Capricorn and adds more personal power to the Grand Square.)

While the planets and aspects strongly suggest worldwide crisis, this is also a call to all world healers –

This is THE perfect time to harmonize and release these negative beliefs that create patterns of negativity, doubt, lack, anger. You can work for your best interests – or you can greatly disadvantage yourself by sending the negative beliefs you are feeling. You can DISCONNECT, transform, release these negative energy patterns now. This is like a higher power tool for releasing negativity.

The NEW MOON in LEO asks us what we WANT to connect with. It asks us to focus on POSITIVE beliefs and send golden, positive, transformative energy, through your heart chakra and let that energy extend out to others. Instead of losing energy by sharing, you will find you are increasing your energy field. You cannot grow if you are in a state of disharmony, sending more disharmony to everyone who enters your field. You can increase – or decrease – the disharmony you feel.

It’s not your fault. You are connected to negative energy patterns that go back generations. It is easy and encouraged by old habits to connect with fear and negative patterns that reinforce that you can’t make it. What else can you plug into?

Instead of sending hate vibes to those who have something you desire, how can you connect, energetically, bask in some of their positive, successful energy. No matter what it is, whether it’s success in your career or success in relationship, or personal happiness, you can increase your positive energy by plugging in to the positive vibrations of those you admire.

If you truly believe that you have to take things AWAY from others to succeed, you may find you are never fulfilled. If you believe that sharing increases your abundance as well as the abundance flow of others, you may feel extremely fulfilled now. The disharmony you feel inside is projected out, and so is the harmony you feel. This is a powerful opportunity to transform your reality.

Suggested reading: David R Hawkins. Power vs Force

Experience before judgment.
Focus on what do you WANT to experience, instead of judging what you don’t want. What DO you want to do? What would bring you joy, fulfillment, happiness?

Pallas takes a stand

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

The asteroid PALLAS is currently exactly conjunct (traveling in the sky with) Jupiter and opposing Pluto and square Uranus – adding her strong and clear voice to the current major aspects: the GRAND TRINE and T-SQUARE formations (July 29th’s Taurus Moon formed a GRAND SEXTILE, we are in the midst of a 4-year Uranus-Pluto square). Pallas raises her voice and becomes both a healer and a warrior for cutting edge healers. This is the time to expand your knowledge base.

Pallas doesn’t just sling slogans – her beliefs come from deep wisdom and compassion – and she intends on teaching that to you. Pallas is fully attuned and at one with current challenges and obstacles to a holistic life – that is, a life fulfilled both psychically and physically. Both sides – our material and our creative needs – are alive, invincible, and in need of balance. Pallas knows what to do.

To teach, we must continually learn. Pallas, in her current place of importance, reminds us that it is time to advance our learning, push the envelope, open our minds and hearts. What do you want to learn that will extend your knowledge and add to your career potential? If you feel it, this is a great time to start. It’s not only what you learn, it’s the conscious awareness of the enlightened teachers you will meet that can unlock the promise of your future.

Kronos (a transNeptunian planet) is also conjunct Jupiter-Pallas (Kronos is at 8 Cancer 03). As the most high authority, Kronos takes learning to the highest levels, greatly magnifying the energy. For good or for bad, this can take any situation to an extreme. Just the usual won’t do. Kronos goes all the way.

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