New Moon in Leo: Love you


New Moon in Leo
July 26, 2014
@ 6:42 PM EDT
@ 3 Leo 03

Leo leads the way.

The tension many of us are feeling is reflected by the square from MARS to the SUN and MOON in the New Moon chart.

The Mars-Moon&Sun square shows a lack of compassion, a tendency to become impatient, with the biggest problem being hurt feelings. When we are in a big hurry, we may not care much about the feelings of others, and we can cut (Mars) and hurt and hiding the hurt (in Scorpio). Of course we can say, this is a lesson in not taking anything personally. And that will help. Yet, this New Moon can ramp up cutting remarks, insensitive behavior, and wounded emotions. If we’re in a hurry, consideration may not be a consideration.

Along with the New Moon in Leo – square Mars in Scorpio – the NYTimes published an article discussing several recent studies of Power vs. Empathy. Turns out, the more socially powerful you are, including class, position, and money, the less empathy – feeling what others are feeling – you are likely to have. The less powerful, the more empathy. Seems once we get power, we really don’t care. The article sums up by saying we all HAVE empathy, but we may not be MOTIVATED to care all that much.

Let’s love ourselves more and choose to care.

Chart for the New Moon in Leo (in NYC):
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