New Moon in Aquarius: Instant Karma – just add water

Sunday, February 10, 2013
@ 2:20 AM EST
New Moon in Aquarius
Sun & Moon @ 21 Aquarius 43
Chinese Year of the Snake begins
Happy New Year!

Newer, faster, sleeker, smarter. You’re ready for the latest hi-tech advances and the most ingenious cutting edge concepts. This is the New Moon in Aquarius – with ruler Uranus in Aries – and the start of a new cycle of spontaneous intuition. New ideas can change lives in an instant. Is it a recipe for karma? The square to the Nodes says it just might be – if we add water.


Sun and Moon are in Uranus-ruled Aquarius
Uranus is sextile Jupiter, in the same minute of the same degree – called partile.
Jupiter @ 6 Gemini 31
Uranus @ 6 Aries 01
Jupiter is moving faster and will not sextile Uranus to the exact second, but a partile aspect is not to be overlooked at strong.

Saturn is the old ruler of Aquarius
Saturn is in Scorpio square the Moon in Aquarius on Feb 9.
(Sun square Saturn on Jan 30)

The New Moon is square the Lunar Nodes in Scorpio-Taurus.

The Lunar North Node is in Scorpio. Scorpio is ruled by Mars (old) and Pluto (modern).

Echoing the square of the New Moon and Nodes – the New Moon ruler Uranus is square Pluto. The old ruler of Aquarius – Saturn – is sextile the Node’s ruler Pluto.

The Modern Ruler of Aquarius – Uranus- is square Pluto, creating a revolutionary push to force the old way to change – before society crumbles. But who represents the revolutionary way? Is the revolution to return to pre-democratic rule? To create a more humanistic society – worldwide? The square to the New Moon suggests humanity (Aquarius) is working this out.

Repeating the theme again – the Nodes modern ruler Mars is square Jupiter, considered to be like the North Node in prediction.

The square to the Nodes is repeated in various ways, meaning we need to pay attention, this can manifest.

At a time when popularity can be a central focus – the square of the Nodes to the New Moon is an un-popular aspect to a very social New Moon – because it is in socially-conscious Aquarius.

During this very impersonal New Moon, even love can be seen as a commodity – do i want it – or do i pass. Is love just another thing to click – yes or no. What if… love wasn’t that simple. The Lunar Nodes are squaring from Scorpio – the sign that wants us to dig deeper into the depths until the relationship becomes gritty and real. Scorpio knows it needs to relate.

Idealism can be exciting. An idea can take us over, fire up our enthusiasm, and propel us into action. Progress is possible. Yet there is something stopping the flow. While many believe in universal human rights, not everyone agrees.

And while an IDEAL can fire us up, at what cost to HUMANITY. Personal human lives can be disrupted by an act of idealism that makes a statement. Is genius worth the cost? In the moment, that may or may not be of consequence.

So here we are, meeting our resistance. We have collective fear of looking below the surface, beyond politics, branding, tags, labels. Our subconscious needs and desires, compelling in our dreams and emotions, are reminding us – they need our attention. And they will have it, either by choice, or seemingly, fate, as the Nodes are said to bring ‘fated’ relationships that help to move us along our lifepath at crucial times.

So where are you not digging in. This is where more research and an improved infrastructure can help (Saturn is sextile Pluto). This New Moon can help us all to see where our personal emotions interface with social/political opinions.

Aquarius is scientific. To be impartial, science asks us to hold our emotions. So we can see things without emotional interference. Social life online may be interesting, but skimming the emotional waters to keep it politically correct can start to feel like something is missing, like contact with your emotions and all they try to convey. Being cool is the warrior stance, but the detachment needed to override your emotional connection can feel limiting.

There is always a benefit. What are we experiencing by detaching? Stepping back enough to gloss over the heavy issues can help to balance, equalize, and heal. Perhaps it’s just about feeling our connection to all of humanity. There is human history, and there is personal history. Sometimes the group overrides the needs of the individual. If too many individuals are invalidated, the majority of society starts to hear about it and feel it. That’s where we’re at. This is an amplification of the long-term Uranus-Pluto square, as the New Moon is in Uranus-ruled Aquarius – square the Nodes in Pluto-ruled Scorpio. We may be fighting the powers that be, but what are they and who are ‘we.’

New Moon chart (for NYC):

2 thoughts on “New Moon in Aquarius: Instant Karma – just add water

  1. “Social life online may be interesting, but skimming the emotional waters to keep it politically correct can start to feel like something is missing, like contact with your emotions and all they try to convey.”

    I hear the cry from young adolescents all the time, “Forget politically correct!” At first I thought it was them just yearning to break a rule, or them being insensitive to others not who don’t fit their mold. The more I think about it though the more it seems they are pleading to have what they feel heard. They are seeking a channel to express themselves and while “politically correct dialogue” can keep the peace it can also make people feel trapped inside of themselves.

    • The Pluto in Libra generation had to get back to the surface to see all people equally. And then comes Pluto in Scorpio with the need to dig deeper, expose whatever lurks, express what is “trapped inside of themselves” as you said. And that has to happen when there is too much lurking that needs to be re-purposed. Getting real is vital. And then there are feelings that get hurt and turned off if not considered. It’s not possible to please everyone, still, we can (try to) have respect for all.

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