New Moon in Gemini: word games


New Moon in Gemini
Thursday, May 25, 2017
@ 3:45 PM EDT

Moon @ 4 Gemini 46
Sun @ 4 Gemini 46

The Sun & Moon conjunct in Gemini are busy talking to each other. We want to know what they’re saying! Our curiosity is aroused and we want to know more. A lot more!

[Astrological picture:] The New Moon in Gemini (Sun & Moon) is sesquisquare Pluto. Ruler Gemini is in Libra-ruled Taurus with Venus in Aries conjunct Pallas (Venus @ 19 Aries 14, Pallas @ 19 Aries 41!). And the Venus-Vesta conjunction is exactly square Pluto (@ 19 Capricorn 06).

Mars is also in Gemini, moving into opposition with Saturn and sextile with Uranus (Saturn and Uranus are exactly trine). Information we want to know – yet is being withheld- can come bursting out at the seams.

Although Mercury – ruler of Gemini – is NEUTRAL, our thoughts can make us very passionate and emotional. And that can bring the ego right to the front as we decide – is this “good” or “bad”? How we think about ideas effects us personally. We identify with our thoughts and ideas. They often define us. And so ends our neutrality on ideas and information.

At this New Moon, there are deep tensions that are just ready to burst. Mars in Gemini tends to get hot and enraged about ideas. And sextile Uranus (May 30), it can tell you off without considering the damage or pain that can cause. Mars moves into opposition with Saturn (May 29), which can ramp up mean-spirited rants and tweets. This toxic environment can greatly endanger progress, and health. Withholding information can become so frustrating it bursts – coming out in unpredictable ways (Mars sextile Uranus, Saturn trine Uranus). Like a whistling kettle, whatever has been boiling needs an outlet. And during a New Moon in Gemini, it is likely to come out in words and ideas.

Trying to beat the tide of public opinion and keep information covert is unlikely to do anything except make it seem more sinister. Sure, there are people in position to manipulate and overpower, yet trying to get out of it can backfire. But if you navigate carefully around powerful egos, you can ease whatever is happening now, perhaps coaxing out some of that covert information.

The conjunction of Venus with warrior-spirit Pallas can give you to warmth and confidence to resolve conflicts, even difficult, unconscious ones as shown by the square of Pluto to Pallas and Venus. Women can be as strong and assertive as any man, proving themselves to be sensitive, intelligent and influential competitors. When the pressure is on, women won’t be intimidated or back down. And they will make crucial points – welcome or unwelcome.

But the pressure is not likely to fade without more conflict. Power and cultural advancement can be in opposition. The pursuit of power can reveal the big question – are investigations being used to control situations for personal gain – or – to uncover a deeper, more consequential truth.

This is difficult because there is so much in play that is unconscious, as shown by the square of Venus-Vesta to subterranean Pluto. Yet, it is likely we will have to wait for more information to surface…. The Great American Eclipse is coming this summer (August 21) an events that started in mid May (really back in early April with Mercury-Uranus aspects) will continue to ramp up through this summer – at least.

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