New Moon in Cancer: Moon Dust Memories

New Moon in Cancer

Moon @ 16 Cancer 17
Sun @ 16 Cancer 17
Mercury Retrograde @ 18 Cancer 38

Mercury Retrograde (Rx) is conjunct the NEW MOON

Saturn stations Direct conjunct the NEW MOON

It’s time to start re-creating NEW memories…

Emotional memories can return. It may seem like it, but this is NOT to make you miserable. Revisiting old emotions now, at the Cancer New Moon, can CLEAR subconscious memories that are casting shadows and doubt on your goals and preventing you from doing what your heart desires – what feels right. These emotions can be holding you back from your sense of well-being. Or, they can be guarding you, keeping you feeling safe and secure. Now it’s time to decide if you need the protection or you’re ready to step out of your comfort zone.

The subconscious doesn’t see time the way our conscious mind does – it can feel old issues or emotions that are not happening now, and haven’t in many years, yet seem to tie in with what is happening now. Grouped together, they can seem to make a case against you – or anyone that seems to prevent you from feeling secure and confident about yourself. Mercury is conjunct the NEW MOON, so we can do this with our words and thoughts.

Yet, this NEW MOON can be the beginning of reconciling your past, releasing long-trapped emotional tape loops, and that can allow your emotions to move forward. Neutral Mercury conjunct the New Moon is a clue – if we can observe our emotions and maintain neutrality – we can gain knowledge and information. Feeling extra-sensitive now can bring up even more emotions from the past that connect with something in the present. With a little conscious observation, we may be able to reroute automatic negative responses – the kind that add to our resistance to feeling positive. We have a choice where to focus energy – it doesn’t have to be focused on those who who deny your authentic self – your validity and your natural, intuitive desire to participate – as YOU.

In the chart, the Moon rules timing of immediate events. It’s the minute hand of the clock. Saturn is the hour hand, ruling time on a broader scale. As the Moon & Sun conjunct in Cancer, Saturn, a/k/a Kronos, Father Time, makes a DIRECT station. The information we receive from the past on this New Moon is ready to be implemented – used in a real world practical way.

Both Saturn and Moon signify TIME. Saturn – making its DIRECT station exactly with the New Moon – reminds us – memories that surface now can be showing us where we continue to hold resistance to achieving goals. And how we can start to move through and beyond that resistance – slowly since Mercury is RX and Saturn is just stationing – the planet of SLOW is barely moving. This is a process of honoring – and then releasing – our challenges.

The memories that surface now can be the rough draft for a very practical plan. Feng shui your surroundings and get ready to upgrade your future.

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