New Moon in Aries: true you


The Aries New Moon is Saturday, April 18, 2015 @ 2:57 PM EDT

The Sun and Moon are conjunct at the end of Aries (@ 28 Aries 25).

New Moons are the beginnings of new cycles. Since both the Sun and Moon are void of course – not making any further aspects before changing signs – astrologers say “nothing comes of the situation.” Something has to change (the Sun and Moon have to move into Taurus) before anything can change.

Yet, to overlook the message of this New Moon chart means writing off an opportunity to manifest more of your desires in the future.

The New Moon ruler Mars is square Jupiter. This square can tend to make us full of ourselves, overly ambitious, so sure of ourselves we don’t listen to sound judgment, unethical in our business or personal dealings, and too pushy in our attempts to promote our agenda, achieve a better future. We can take risks that are ill-advised and possibly get us into hot water. That’s how certain we can feel that we are right.

What’s really behind this?

We are resisting growth. Our ego is enabling this by scaring us into taking risks that may be too big or too fast – and this can sabotage our efforts.

You may be feeling motivated to bust a move. You may have been waiting (months?) for the right time and feel you just can’t wait another minute. This HAS to happen. NOW!

Sometimes we wait until the last minute to do something we KNOW is in our best interests. Yet, we hedge our bets, unsure if expansion is going to cost too much or take us too far ahead or away from our comfort zone.

Yet, this is exactly what you may need to do – take a challenge and turn it into an adventure that connects you with your true courage and inner motivation to be YOU. Not someone else. YOU.

Let’s get some clarity on taking a big jump. Are you jumping into something that will help you be more of YOU, or what someone else wants or expects you to be? Are these YOUR choices, or someone else’s?

Don’t give up on YOU!

Start to separate truth from fiction by becoming more aware of your patterns. Watch yourself fall into the same responses and expect your future to look just like your past. This is the time to start moving towards your future. Start by imagining your future YOU a few years from now. This is not a copy of the past you. This is a brighter, more evolved you. Visit with this person.

What is really happening at this New Moon?

We are being asked to MANAGE our energy.


By bringing your spiritual energy into your physical body. And this happens through your chakras.

When your chakras are open, your energy is flowing and balanced. When you shut them down, usually because it’s too risky to keep them open, your energy gets stuck. You get tired, lose energy, lose motivation.

With this New Moon Mars-Jupiter square, you can find new ways to use and manage your energy, to express your creative urges, to put your energy to work FOR you. You have desires, things you hope for in the future, more abundance, more success, more passion, more than what you have now in many ways. That’s great! So the next step – channel your energy so it flows and you can fulfill your desires.

Mercury and Venus are in mutual reception – in each other’s ruling signs (Mercury is in Venus-ruled Taurus, Venus is in Mercury-ruled Gemini). Words are tools, and tools are words. When you mix career/business and socializing – the chemistry can be magic. Network for fun, friendship – and profit.

Don’t push so hard.

Dance to your own heart beat!
That is the way to manifest YOUR future.

Your future does not have to be a re-do of the past. Let YOUR future unfold.

I would love the opportunity to take this to the next step and work with you personally to activate your energy so you can access your motivation and true potential. Please visit my readings page to make an appointment. Let’s get your energy flowing!

Here’s a chart for the New Moon (cast for NYC):
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