Moon LIGHT: the gift of your Lunar Return

Your Lunar Return ~ a gift of LIGHT from the Moon ~ a reflection of your monthly vibrational cycles ~ your personal invitation to meditate on your monthly Lunar themes.

As i write, the Sun is in Cancer, there was just a NEW MOON in Cancer, Mercury is Retrograde in Cancer, and Mars is on the cusp of entering Cancer (Mars entered Cancer on July 13). And since my Lunar Return ascendant is in Sagittarius this month, it seems like an appropriate and powerful time to explore the Moon.



The Moon in your chart is the symbol of your inner self, the space within, all that holds and contains you. Family, the sense of belonging, home – everything that is familiar, natural, comfortable. Like a bowl that holds water, the Moon holds our souls. The reflection of the Moon gives us subconscious information about our emotions.

The first step to allow well-being into your life is to know how you feel. Feelings are your barometer of where you are right now. The Moon in your chart helps you tune in to your emotions. Abraham-Hicks tells us that our emotions are “the ratio between your currently focused desire and any other belief or thought that you hold about same.” Are you allowing or resisting – that is what your changing emotions indicate.

You will always feel disappointed if you are in resistance to your own vibrations. You can blame others, yet is it your own resistance to your own vibration that holds you in negative emotions. Your emotions are about how YOU are relating to YOU. That is the relationship that comes first. You can’t align with your vibrations if you are focused on what other people think or feel.

Beliefs are thoughts we think so often they become patterns. Beliefs are usually taught to us, and become so natural they are automatic, subconscious, and subtly direct every decision we make. The Moon represents what is familiar. To go outside our familiar zone does not usually feel natural and it may NOT feel acceptable to the people in our lives. This Cancer season – we have opportunities to uncover core beliefs that hold us in a place we would like to move beyond, what we call being in a rut. Why move unblock these beliefs and move beyond? To experience our true happiness.

If the planets are your group of dearest friends, the Moon is your nearest and dearest, the one that feels like your innermost self, guiding you to your highest good.

Here are some of the many benefits of a Lunar Return:

  • important monthly themes – quickly flag high priorities
  • your monthly energetic rhythm to help you plan
  • mood, changes like the tides
  • health, Moon rules the Body
  • kind of day-to-day events
  • timing of major events

The Lunar Return chart is calculated for the MINUTE the Moon-in-the-sky is at the exact degree of the Moon-in-your-chart. This occurs once every 27-28 days.

For example – If the Moon-in-your-chart, your natal Moon, is 22 degrees Cancer 23 minutes, that means you will have a Lunar Return every time the Moon is at that exact same degree. This happens once every 27-28 days – like clockwork. And that is why the Moon in the chart is said to represent the minute hand of the clock, the personal day-to-day timing of events. And Saturn, father Time, Kronos, rules larger time spans, like the hour hand.

The Moon is responsible for the tides of the Earth. Your Lunar Return chart literally helps you ‘go with the flow.’ When Lunar Return aspects intensify, you can use the energy to ride the waves. When aspects are positive, it’s smooth sailing. When the aspects are less active, you can avoid fighting ‘the tide’ and relax. And when aspects are challenging or stressful, you can notice your automatic reactions and reflect on your reactions. With awareness of your subconscious patterns, you can fully experience and appreciate the benefits of the ebb and flow – the upbeat and the downbeat.

Lunar Returns are not just for daily event timing and mood information.

When Lunar Return aspects connect with long-term powerful chart transits, progressions, and Solar Returns, major events can occur.

Like any Return chart, the Lunar Return gives you a whole new chart. The Lunar Return chart is the main chart – and the natal chart is compard TO the Return chart. This means the Return chart is on the inside – and your natal chart is on the outside. This is the opposite of transit charts which put your birth or natal chart on the inside and compare that to the transiting planets. It is helpful to look at it both ways – not only from how reality effects us (transits) – but also from the perspective of how we create our reality (Returns).

The position of the MOON in your Lunar Return is the most important aspect. Just like the location of the SUN is vital in your Solar Return chart. The location of the MOON is the area of life that will involve you, absorb you, reflect your emotions and desires; it can show who can help you and who you can help. This can help you to take good care of yourself and others.

The planets on or closest to the 4 main ANGLES are the most active and obvious themes for the month ahead. If you look at your Lunar return charts for several months, you will see months when there are more planets centered around the angles – your busy months – and months with less activity on the angles, more internal months.

Your Lunar Return is valid until the next month when the Moon again returns to your natal Moon position.

Here’s where you can get your own Lunar Return @
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Townley Lunar Return Report – written by John Townley
Or, Moon Transit Report:
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