Mercury Retrograde on June 7: rewind your mind

Mercury stations Retrograde from June 7 – July 1, 2014

From June 7 – July 1, Mercury will travel backwards from 3 Cancer 10 to 24 Gemini 22

Mercury Retrograde when we get to slow down enough to get clear so we can make better choices.



For a complete timetable of this Mercury Retrograde – see our Mercury Retrograde page

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Before a Retrograde station, Mercury gets ahead of the Sun (the Sun is now in Gemini, Mercury is a sign ahead in early Cancer). When Mercury gets ahead of the SUN, time seems to speed up. Our thoughts get ahead of us. And planet Earth says: SLOW DOWN.

When Mercury is Retrograde, time seems to slow down. This can feel confusing and become a BIG problem in our DO-IT NOW culture. We need to get it done, yesterday. Not slow down and chill out. We don’t have time to ‘just be.’ We need to keep moving. Faster, not slower!

(This is especially true since Mercury will station Retrograde while sesquisquare Saturn – turn into a nervous wreck – or – slow down! Mercury will spend most of this Retrograde station in Gemini – the sign ruled by Mercury – so this is a SUPER Mercury Retrograde – you can SHIFT your mind and discover new choices.)

But when we go really fast, we overlook important details, we miss potentially helpful connections, we don’t hear significant messages. We feel too pressured to slow down. And that’s when Mercury slows us down. Mercury, ruler of details and connections, gives us time to SEE the details, to make those important connections.

If we don’t slow down, if we feel driven to keep doing, moving, faster, we can be forced to slow our minds and our pace down. We make errors. Mistakes happen that cause us to re-do things. We have to re-trace our steps, re-wind the tape, re-think things.

When you SLOW DOWN, you can SEE what’s happening and make BETTER CHOICES. You can CHOOSE to enjoy life, have better relationships, receive more love & money. You can find great partners to work with, clear up any issues in relationships, from love to friends to family to business. You can feel more safe in your environment, instead of moving so quickly reality becomes dangerous. Life is scary when you feel overwhelming pressure to be perfect, to keep moving so you can succeed, bigger, better.

During Mercury Rx, you can LISTEN to your inner voice, access the messages you really need from YOUR source, and get your priorities back so you can live YOUR truth.

Mercury the Trickster reminds us not to take everything so seriously. Delays, mistakes, do-overs are just ways that your reality helps you learn more about yourself and make better choices and connections, within and without.

Wishing you an energizing, regenerating Mercury Rx !

Chart for Mercury’s Retrograde station (in NYC):
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During Mercury Retrograde (June 7 – July 1), includes a FREE 2014 Retrograde Report with every purchase from our catalog. (Exact birth time is required for this report.)

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