Mercury Retrograde: getting back in touch

Mercury Retrograde
February 6 – 28, 2014

When Mercury stations retrograde, it is becuase Mercury has gotten too far away from the Sun – and from the Sun’s perspective, too far from the Earth. We literally need to “come back down to Earth”

Mercury just entered Pisces and will turn on its heel and retreat back into Aquarius…
Why are we so obsessed with the negative potentials of Mercury Retrograde? Because our cuture teaches us that we need to keep moving forward, all the time, always, at all costs. Yet, the planets Retrograde. They move backwards. And Mercury does it most often – 3x a year for 3 weeks at a time. And here we go, again…

Mercury is leaving Pisces because we’re not ready for the mental awareness of Pisces quite yet- first we need another dose of Aquarius, the human sign. Aquarius also rules electronic connections – like computers and social networking – Mercury-in-Aquarius shows us how to connect and communicate online. Computers can break down or get hacked, especially if we are broadcasting or connecting with negative vibrations that interrupt our frequency.

Pisces is the sign of the victim. It is also the sign of compassion, unconditional love, and the addict. There has been quite a lot of news about addiction and it’s lethal nature lately. Along with many ‘normal’ people, we have just lost a great actor to addiction.

What do we need to learn about addiction as Mercury station Retrograde. How is there so much addiction to so many substances and behaviors in our society?

Pisces is the sign of universal love. Mercury in Pisces can teach us to love through compassion. Rx, where are we most feeling compassion, we can block our compassion if we are not in our power, we can be manipulated. Yet, when we are compassionate, we empower ourselves to understand others, and we can see beyond any negative intentions and unhook from their manipulations.

In a society hasty to download judgment and shame, we create more victimization. And for those of us who think we do’t do that – this is a time to think again, this is Mercury Retrograde where Mercury – thinking – retraces its steps back into Aquarius, unity.

Instead of hating on those who attack and judge – on either side – this is an opportunity to find your human compassion, even for the most angry haters. They are under the weight of what feels like an endless stream of judgment and shame on them, and this is their reaction.

We live in a society that fears and shuns emotion. Most of us don’t have tools or information to help us understand and balance our emotions. And about 10% of us feel our emotions so strongly we seek substances to help us deal with them so we can function effectively.

As we heal ourselves, we can start to heal all of society through our shared intention.

Mercury Retrograde – in Pisces and Aquarius – is the PERFECT time to take responsibility for why we incarnated at this time of the SHIFT and make the decision to participate – Aquarius – to accept our power & awareness so we can heal and create a light, positive future. You don’t have to, but you can if you choose it. Love more. Love universally.

Chart for Mercury’s Retrograde station on February 6, 2014 (in NYC):
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5 thoughts on “Mercury Retrograde: getting back in touch

  1. so, you are saying, not everything that starts during this upcoming retro will turn to crap? Ya see, things are lining up for me that a significant event will occur during this retro…..

    • That’s not how i see Retrogrades. We live in a culture that values forward motion, progress, only. We have a hard time (feel guilty, angry) if we have to retrace our steps to see our patterns. We can blame the machines – Aquarius – and be online trolls – or we can look at our deeper patterns of connecting during this Rx in Pisces and Aquarius. We are creating reality as we make our choices.

  2. Hi Lauren,
    To quote you: ” And about 10% of us feel our emotions so strongly we seek substances to help us deal with them so we can function effectively. ”

    I’ve believed this for a long time, and I think so few people understand it, so I much appreciate and thank you so much for stating it.
    It seems especially true when we look at the many wonderful musicians and actors we’ve lost too early in their lives from drug overdoses and addictions.

    Having a stellium in Pisces (12th H + sun) , I’m aware of the temptations to escape emotional suffering, and what can be viewed as the “cruel” reality of our world. With natal Mercury in Pisces too, it’s so tempting to dream my life away.

    With Mercury R already, I noticed in my inbox this morning that a friend of mine’s email was hijacked; he didn’t send the email I got, and I haven’t heard from him in years. I’ve backed up my computer files, and I’m hoping everything runs as smooth as possible for all.

    It’s so true what you wrote, that we can choose to love and heal, and not let ourselves become victimized. Perspective makes a difference.

    Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom and love, always.

    • i have a suggestion for this Mercury Rx. pay attention to when shame is shared. most of us don’t even want to admit we FEEL shamed. oh, no, not me! i’m not weak. whether it’s a comment, conversation, statement, a look, or an innuendo, note it. see how it makes you feel. watch how it effects others. there’s nothing like shame to stir up anger. and if you do feel anger welling up within, you can do exercises to release it – as much as you need to – until you don’t feel it – this is Mercury Rx – we get to do things again, and again… (i teach releasing techniques in readings when it’s appropriate) then let it go and find your compassion. laugh about it. this is a culture that shames without thinking. it’s part of being THE person in control. yet all that shame does deep and lasting damage. so here’s an opportunity to become more aware, gain more understanding, and start to change that. with Love, Lauren

  3. Owning the shame and errors of our ways leads to tremendous strength, as our teachers discuss character building in grade school. The exercise of embarrassment (have you seen the character Sue in The Middle tv show?) and compassion for ourselves builds amazing strength and in turn personal power. It forces us to admit defeat and rebuild, and try again. Have faith in human kind because we all do this whether we admit it or not. Have faith, relax and know when to trust yourself only you know when is the right time, no partner, parent or media influence. Make your intentions wise and good, blessings…

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