Mars Retrograde and the Ukraine

Just a few comments about Mars making its Retrograde station as military tension heats up in the Ukraine.

As Russia started surrounding the Ukraine with military troops, Mars was making its Retrograde station (March 1, 2014)
This Retrograde station can make it seem that a person, or a nation, is all-powerful.

However, Mars will start to move backwards (according to our Earth perspective) and that means it loses energy, and Mars is all about energy. From the perspective of the Sun (Heliocentric), the Mars will conjunct the Earth (and oppose the Sun), meaning that Mars will “come back down to Earth.” Mars is also in Libra. So this is more likely about posturing and the belief that force can prevail, despite all attempts at diplomacy (Libra). However, it is unlikely that military force will move forward successfully.

Also, by declination, Mars is low in the South. This is not an aspect that indicates war. It is more likely that diplomacy will prevail and there will be a standoff followed by a slow withdrawal.

Lightworkers- despite the tense build-up, it can be helpful if you send calming, cooling energy to the situation.

And for all you astro-observers, yes, we are heading into a Grand CARDINAL Square (@ 13 degrees of the Cardinal signs) during April, peaking during the Eclipses (Jupiter-sq-Mars-sq-Pluto-sq-Uranus). This pattern is something to watch and I hope to be writing more on this.
Thanks for all your support to keep this work moving forward….

There’s much more about Mars and Saturn Retrograde on the New Moon blog

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