Mars out: until October 28, 2016

Hi all –
Sorry to drop this. It may feel like a bombshell, but it’s important. It’s about the declination of Mars…
(this was part of the last post on the New Moon, but just in case you missed it, don’t!)

Mars – currently in Sagittarius and approaching a conjunction with Saturn – is going OUT OF BOUNDS on August 8, 2016.

Mars will reach its most OUT OF BOUNDS declination starting August 8, 2016 – And will return to “within” BOUNDS on October 28.

Planets go OUT OF BOUNDS when they go beyond the highest declination the SUN reaches, which is 23 N or S 27.

When the Sun is at 23 N 27, we have Summer Solstice. At 23 S 27, it is Winter Solstice.

Declination is the angle of the Sun to the Earth’s equator.

When Planets are OUT OF BOUNDS they function like wild cards. They are very powerful. Mars out of bounds can spike Mars-type energy, which when spiked can be wildly aggressive, active, HOT, impulsive. It can bring injuries and accidents, it can even bring us wars and hostility. When the Iraq War began, Mars was OUT OF BOUNDS.

Planets in Southern declination are said to have karmic debts to be paid.

Mars will be conjunct Saturn on August 24, and move into Capricorn on September 27.

We will have to keep an eye on Mars and remember that it is OUT OF BOUNDS – till the election.

The objective of Mars is to supply us with the energy to get what we want. OUT OF BOUNDS, Mars can give us access to bold, confident, courageous energy. Yet, OUT OF BOUNDS Mars asks us to remember that besides using our high powered energy to get what we want, we can use our amped up energy to give others what they want.

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