March Astrology 2016: think again

As March roars in this year, it screams with big news!

In March, there are 2 Eclipses and a Jupiter-Saturn square.

First – there is a TOTAL Solar Eclipse on March 8 (@ 18 Pisces 55)

Next – Jupiter squares Saturn on March 23 – as Saturn stations Retrograde (March 25)

And – a Lunar Eclipse, also on March 23 (Moon @ 3 Libra 17, Sun @ 3 Aries 17)

We get to think twice. Once more, with feeling.

We also get to make some big decisions that can change the course of history – more than political the strong influence of Jupiter (and Saturn in Jupiter’s sign) show this is a moral choice. What will you choose? Will you decide with you heart? Or let fear make the decisions for you. This series of Eclipses suggest are opening to our hearts as they work to balance our emotions.

The TOTAL Solar Eclipse (New Moon) is in Pisces. Solar Eclipses are portals to our social interconnectedness. It asks to think about how, as a society, we share and interact with each other. In ultra emotional Pisces (in the Moon-ruled 2nd decan @ 18Pisces55), it is a portal to how our emotions affect our social outlook. We can be hyper sensitive, but also in a dream state and apathetic when it comes to our social responsibilities. This can be a test – can we care about other people or do we give into the negativity we feel around us. (more about the Lunar Eclipse next week)

The Lunar Eclipse comes when the Sun is in Aries, so the Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) will be in the opposite sign – Libra. This is good news, as Libra helps the Pisces Solar Eclipse be more balanced in its emotions. We can learn to be more fair, openly and lovingly sharing our insights and opinions. (more about the Lunar Eclipse in 2 weeks)

Jupiter-Saturn transits are times when we, as a society, are called to make important decisions. In 4 years (2020), Jupiter and Saturn will conjunct, forming what is called a GREAT CONJUNCTION. These Great Conjunctions show leadership – who we choose to lead and what direction we, the People, want to take. We are lucky enough to have a choice.

Some history and background
Until the discovery of Uranus in the winter of 1781, Jupiter and Saturn were the last 2 planets in our solar system. They remain the last 2 visible planets. Mythically, Jupiter and Saturn were both known to represent rulers and kings in ancient times, and as such their relationship signifies a change in leadership, government, and major trends.

The conjunction of these 2 giants, called Great Conjunction, comes approximately every 20 years and the repeated Great Conjunctions are in the same element (air, earth, fire, water) for 240 years. Every 60 years the same sign repeats. The 2000 Great Conjunction was in Taurus, one of the 3 Earth signs (the Earth signs are Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn). Since 1842, the Great Conjunctions have been in Earth signs. (The previous set of Great Conjunctions were in Fire signs.) The last time a Great Conjunction took place in Taurus was in 1940-41. The 1960-61 conjunction was in Capricorn. 2000 was the last Earth sign conjunction until 2655. The next conjunction will be on December 21, 2020 at 00Aquarius29, which begins the Air element phase of conjunctions. Before the end of one ELEMENT, there is a Conjunction in the next element. The Great Conjunction in 1980-81 was in Libra, an Air sign. We are in transition, moving from Earth to Air, the defining element for the next 240 years. We are moving towards Air and into the Information Age, but we have some “Earth business” to take care of first; we need to remember our basic human values and our Earth as we soar into an era of computerized optical information and altered genetics. This last Earth conjunction is the era to make businesses of our New Age ideas. What was just a far-out idea in the last century can become commonplace, marketed, and “consumerable” in the coming Air phase of the Jupiter-Saturn Great Conjunctions.

So this last square is the last major aspect Jupiter and Saturn will make before the next Great Conjunction in 2020. It’s a time we could be moving into the future. In many ways we are. But our fear holds us back. Many of us want to go back to the beginning of the Earth Great Conjunctions, the good ol’ days, but we are moving forward, not backwards.

The 2 Eclipses open new portals, new possibilities. Will we walk into the future, or run for the past? This is a free-will planet, so it is the choice of every one of us.

More to come as the TOTAL Lunar Eclipse approaches.

Chart for the TOTAL Solar Eclipse (in NYC):

Chart for the Lunar Eclipse (in NYC):
Click here for an astrology legend to read the symbols.

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