Lunar Eclipse of September 16, 2016: unity

Lunar Eclipse – Full Moon in Pisces
September 16, 2016
@ 3:05:05 PM EDT

This FULL MOON is the HARVEST MOON. It is also a (penumbral) LUNAR ECLIPSE.

The heavens open and the Sun reveals itself against the face of the Full Moon in Pisces – the message of UNITY – we are all ONE – is eclipsed.




On this Full Moon, the Moon is in Pisces while the Sun opposes in Virgo. While the Virgo Sun micro manages, the Pisces Moon gives us the macro picture.

Astrologically, the September 16 Lunar Eclipse is a replay of the Solar Eclipse of September 1.

Like the Solar Eclipse of September 1, the Lunar Eclipse again highlights the Neptune-Saturn square. Even MORE because the ruler of the Full Moon in Pisces is Neptune. And Neptune and Saturn are still square. And – the NORTH AND SOUTH NODES square Saturn while the South Node conjuncts Neptune while the North Node opposes Neptune. (The proximity of the Nodes to the Sun & Moon are what create an Eclipse.) We are super sensitive. So sensitive, we are PSYCHIC. And this enhanced perception can help us stay one step ahead so we can adapt to reality.

That doesn’t mean chuck it all and try something crazy. It may to some, but that may not be realistic in the sense it won’t help. Neptune and Pisces remind us about compassion. And not being a victim, which can be so easy to fall into.

But, been there, done that.

This is about finding ways to work TOGETHER, cooperatively. And with respect (Saturn) for one another, without abusing (Neptune) for ambition (Saturn).

But this FULL MOON in Pisces is a LUNAR ECLIPSE. So unity is eclipsed. The OPPOSING sides of the Full Moon, accentuated by the Saturn-Neptune square, can keep us polarized, working against each other and feeling more insecure.

So we see a spike in conspiracies theories, fueled and distorted by fantasy, pretense, deceptions, fear. And resulting in separation.

Fade to for-profit media. By that i don’t mean journalism, but sensational media that opens the door for manipulation of information. But before We the People play the victim card, for-profit also means more of what people respond to
and ‘buy.’ The fantasies or reality we enjoy are what we see and hear most.

So will we find unity – or will we dis unity ?

Will we make up a stories (Neptune) and base our structures (Saturn) on shifting sands.

Saturn – The Authority – challenges Neptune – Ideals and Illusion.

Here we find our unconscious playing hardball with our conscious mind. On the outside (conscious, Saturn) we may feel defensive and dis unity, yet on the inside (subconscious, Neptune) we may crave unity. Yet, we are culturally programmed with vague fears and beliefs (Saturn) that have a strong hold on our lives, and our shared lives (Neptune).

And this leaves us susceptible (Neptune) to leaders (Saturn) who can program us to respond to fear and threat, whether it’s real (Saturn) or imagined (Neptune).

Since Saturn in mutable Sagittarius is the planet in hot seat of the T-Square, distractions can make it impossible to focus on anything for long. Yet, it is exactly that focus (Saturn) we need most of all (T-Square). When we judge, we make it more challenging to discern. We are too busy judging to be perceptive, consider facts, analyze, and make realistic decisions. And our emotions can override the validity of facts.

So what’s the problem? This is a PISCES Full Moon/Eclipse. Pisces is emotional. The seat of the UNCONSCIOUS part of the mind. While the subconscious mind is our personal patterns that create our behavior, the UNCONSCIOUS is the collective. I
t runs through all of us. We are all part of it of the collective. So we all feel it. And it makes its presence felt through our emotions. And here we have a long-term square (challenge) of rational Saturn to emotional Neptune. So while we can rationally look at a situation, our emotions challenge logic.

Reading an article in the Washington Post this week, a Trump supporters in Asheville, NC was interviewed about the campaign. He said some thoughtful things and I empathized with his discontent. He said the Democrats made him defensive and he felt disenfranchised. Got it! And then he got emotional and called all progressives “Nazi foot soldier.” Yet, while this part of his statement is far from “the truth,” discrediting the “other side” is his emotions speaking. It comes from the unconscious and this emotion is felt by many. Understood! I have often felt cut off by both the left and the right. Yet vengeance is a personal choice. Feeling separation and anger is very difficult to process, but extending the contempt you feel onto others just keeps the bad energy going… Both sides would benefit by finding and extending more respect (T-Square to Saturn) for people who live and look differently. When we dis others, we dis ourselves.

Yes. The Pisces Moon is emotional. Yet, the Sun is (opposing) in rational, analytical Virgo. Mercury too. And Mercury is still Retrograde in Virgo, which gives us extra time to rethink and reanalyze – once more with reason. Mercury stations Retrograde when we need to come back down to Earth. And in Virgo this is literal. We need to ground ourselves and get back in touch with our common sense. Mercury will station Direct next week (September 23), easing our landing on Earth by giving us access to real world information.

Jupiter, the old ruler of Pisces, has just moved into Libra, asking us to expand our social ethics. And next week, just a few days after Equinox, the Sun will conjunct Jupiter (September 26), giving us an access pass to social awareness.

Let’s not forget – Pisces/Neptune is the love visionary. The overriding force that unites us all.

Ultimately, Pisces is about compassion. As we remember we are all ONE, we can go beyond the divisions that separate, connect with our compassion, and feel the universal love that unites us all.

When we reach out with care and compassion, love can melt hate, fear, and bigotry.

Chart for the Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon on September 16, 2016 (in NYC):
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