Nov 28 Lunar Eclipse: blindsided > breakthrough > balanced

Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse
November 28, 2012 @ 9:46 am EST
Moon @ 6 Gemini 46
Sun @ 6 Sagittarius 46

The Lunar Eclipse energy opens an energy portal. With the awareness this Eclipse makes available, we can convert our energy from blindsided to breakthrough to balance.




The facts:
Mars is conjunct Pluto. Venus is conjunct Saturn.

Mars-Pluto is sextile Venus-Saturn

The SUN is at the midpoint of both conjunctions
[Sun = Mars/Saturn, Pluto/Saturn and Sun = Mars/Venus, Pluto/Venus]

The MOON is opposing the midpoint of both conjunctions
[Moon = Mars/Saturn, Pluto/Saturn and Sun = Mars/Venus, Pluto/Venus]

Both pairs quincunx the Moon – forming a YOD to the Moon.

The Lunar Eclipse-FULL Moon is about the Moon, so it is significant that a LUNAR Eclipse chart features the MOON at the focal point of a YOD. That is fate acting on The People.

Blindsided – by emotions.

We have an option – we can move from being blindsided by our emotions to finding our balance.

Emotions can hit from the blind side (with a YOD to the Moon). We can react in ways that betray our true self and best interests. We talk one way, and act another. We say one thing, and do another. And we don’t realize it. Although others do. Why are there so many hypocrites? And why do we say one thing and do another? Instead of naming and blaming, what if we wondered what’s really going on – what are we evading?

The pattern of this Full Moon suggests the source of conflict can be obscured by subconscious emotions, usually coming from the past, symbolized by the Moon and the South Node (in Taurus) Eclipse. Emotional signals are not being read so we don’t connect with what is actually happening, making responses unclear, and reactions anything but typical. Our ego supersedes our deeper needs, we neglect our intuition, and fall into our own ego trap.

For some of us, it could be time for a change we’ve put off – until now. At the Lunar Eclipse, it’s possible to release yourself from the negative patterns, stories, and conditions from the past that STOP you from moving forward in your life. Unless you are using those patterns to keep OTHERS in place. Then you have a motive and can get blindsided by something or someone you tried to avoid.

It’s not about judgment or blame. It’s about finding our balance. Seeing the opposing energies, and finding a way to take personal responsibility – so we can balance our mind, our body, our life. So what throws us off and holds us back?

All the imaginary hidden forces and individuals whose opinions make you doubt yourself and fail to take action – are like scurrying rats, anxious people whose thoughts run around in circles, keeping them awake – and asleep – at the wrong times. That’s what we take on when we take on blame. It’s time to let it go. The Full Moon in Gemini, with ruler Mercury just moving Direct, reminds us to breathe, listen, learn. Move into your own power by taking responsibility for clinging to beliefs that repress your energy. If you let others decide what you want, it’s hard to trust your intuition, and harder to act.

The Sun is at the degree of the last set of Eclipses (May and June) which means the prophesies of the last Eclipse are coming due.

This YOD is not over with the Full Moon. It continues… Jupiter is Retrograde, which means the Moon is approaching Jupiter with amped up speed and urgency. After the Moon conjuncts Jupiter, Jupiter will remain in the same part of Gemini – the focal point of the YOD formed by the Saturn-Pluto sextile. (The YOD to Jupiter is active in the Winter Solstice chart and through early 2013. I realize how few of us read charts, but has anyone seen the Solstice CHART? Precision intensity.)

Astronomy to note: that’s Aldebaran @ 9Gemini58 with Jupiter and the Moon rising in the East at sunset.

At the time the Full Moon is exact, the Sun-Moon line moves through the east coast of Egypt. Jupiter moves through Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia. Perhaps the bracketing of Sun-Moon with Jupiter will be blessed by wise council and understanding that extends throughout the region and beyond….

Although this is a YOD, the pointing ‘finger of fate,’ this is not about pointing out blame and getting off the hook – evasion through blame. This is about seeing the base of the situation – the Saturn-Pluto sextile – and understanding where it came from (inconjunct the Moon, the past). Instead of finger-pointing, we can gain new insights into cycles of power and abuse (Saturn-Pluto). We can understand how we recycle negative emotions that are not cleared, and continue to build unchecked for years… We grind to a halt. Until we gain an indirect, out-of-the-blue insight into ourselves, and see ourselves from another perspective, as Saturn and PLuto literally stand-in for each other, and form a YOD to the Full Moon. We can make the big stretch it takes to release the tension of oppositions. And start to do what Saturn does best – BUILD. And Saturn in Scorpio in mutual reception to Pluto wants to – and can – build sustainable INFRASTRUCTURE.

lunar eclipse
full moon in gemini
november 28, 2012

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