Lunar Eclipse: Star Power and Democracy


Lunar Eclipse in Leo: How are YOU going to engage in this strange new world?



The Full Moon on February 10, 2017 is a (penumbral) Lunar Eclipse
This Lunar Eclipse WILL be visible – tho faint – in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, most of Asia

Moon @ 22 Leo 28
Sun @ 22 Aquarius 28
@ 7:33 PM EST
(this is also the peak of the Lunar Eclipse)

It’s a Full Moon AND LUNAR ECLIPSE – the Moon VISIBLY opposes the Sun – MANIFESTING oppositions. We are polarized. Can we find a bridge to connect – or – is this an irreparable split?

The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse is in Leo/Aquarius. Moon in Leo, Sun in Aquarius. This is the opposition of personal creativity vs public outreach, being in love vs detached, personal vs public, self-esteem vs. social standing, the king vs democracy, personal success vs social progress, personal advances vs politics.

How much do we do for our own glory, and how much do we do for the good of society? Could it be that by being ourselves we create the most freedom for all? Or do we take it all for ourselves, regardless of the outcome for the group?

The mirror-effect of the LunarEclipse/Full Moon (visible opposition of the Moon & Sun), although dim, reminds us that how we see ourselves (Leo) is how we see the world (Aquarius). If we can’t see the positive in ourselves, the mirror is not going to reflect a positive world view either. So while our social consciousness is vital, so is our ability to feel love for ourselves (Leo). If we let the world make us feel bad, negative about ourselves, we’re going to see the world as a bad, negative place that will not help us or meet our needs. Or experience the world as a safe & secure place. To feel good about ourselves, the MOON in Leo reminds us to nurture, and even pamper ourselves. When you feel good, the world lights up. When you love yourself, you radiate love to the world.

The star of the Eclipse is the Moon, since this is a LUNAR Eclipse and Full MOON. The Moon is in Leo, shining it’s glory. Leo is ruled by the Sun-in-Aquarius and opposing the Leo Moon. This means the Moon “disposits” to the Sun – the Sun is strong and rules the chart. And the Aquarius Sun’s ruling planet, Uranus, plays strongly in the Eclipse – Uranus is trine the Sun, trine Saturn, sextile the Moon, & opposing Jupiter. The makes the strong Aquarius Sun part of a GRAND Air Trine. More than getting personally involved, you may be fascinated by unprecedented social phenomenon.

Your desire to quickly grasp information makes learning exciting. And high-speed. You can instantly get your head around concepts that you may have overlooked or had little interest in – until now. Emotions and details can be overlooked. And that can give you the ability to get your head around BIG concepts. Fast.

The GRAND Trine in Air is idealistic. Being practical may not be a big issue, although Saturn in this GRAND Trine will help to ground us and keep the focus on achieving real world goals. Many of us have never been so fascinated with politics, government, the courts, all themes of the planets in the Grand Trine. While this sounds mystical, the Grand AIR Trine shows that this fascination is an endless loop – and can be distracting us from something deeper, bigger, and more important, as suggested by the Cardinal GRAND SQUARE (Uranus-sq-Pluto-sq-Jupiter-sq-Vesta). There is important information that is not being shared and purposely kept secret (Pluto).

This chart is similar to all the recent important charts because the outer planets don’t move very quickly. Since Jupiter just started a Retrograde, it will repeat all the recent aspects to Uranus, Saturn, and Pluto through this Fall. Even if it feels like we are retracing our steps, there is plenty of opportunity for growth, expansion, abundance. But pushing too hard and too fast can throw it all off. Uranus is still close to squaring Pluto, and Jupiter will square Pluto again as it moves backwards in Libra. Expansive power moving too fast can trip over itself, and everyone else. Jupiter opposing Uranus and square Pluto also pits the courts against the power structure. So we will watch all this play out on the world stage. While reminding ourselves to be a positive beacon of love & light that we can shine on the darkness.

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