Lunar Eclipse of August 7, 2017: revealing

Lunar Eclipse
August 7, 2017
@ 2:10:37 PM EDT
Moon @ 15 Aquarius 25
Sun @ 15 Leo 25

Lunar Eclipse of Aug 7, 2017. A “king” will be challenged who threatens the world order and order will be restored unexpectedly. Fortunate turn of events.



Eclipses are doorways to new consciousness. And since this is a free-will universe, each of us gets to choose whether or not we are willing to walk through that doorway.

Here why…

Solar Eclipses occur when the Nodes of the Moon are within 18 degrees of the Sun or Moon at a New Moon (Solar Eclipse) or 13 degrees of a Full Moon (Lunar Eclipse). The Lunar Nodes are gateways.

Ascending (North) Node – occurs when the Moon is moving, or ascending, North. It brings something towards you, the future is coming.
Descending (South) Node – moving away, letting go, releasing the past.

Eclipse Season is when Sun is within 18 degrees of either side of the Eclipse Degree. So an “Eclipse season” is about 35 days.

This Lunar Eclipse is at 15 Aquarius-Leo. These are FIXED signs and 15 degrees of FIXED signs is a critical degree. This is where energy concentrates. There is a tough road ahead, but also the ability to access resources. This is a focal point and a starting point. (On the 45 degree wheel, 15 degrees of the FIXED signs is on the Aries point.)

Sun, conscious focus. Moon, ego, instinct, feeling our way, intuition, fate. The Moon reflects the light of the Sun. The Moon doesn’t make conscious choices. It’s not rational. It doesn’t choose, it reacts. At Lunar Eclipses life can feel fated as we feel our way. Shifting unconscious belief structures in your life can be times of change that come from deep within. The Sun-Moon opposition of a Lunar Eclipse brings to light conflicts that have a strong emotional charge. If you can’t compromise, you can alienate and estrange yourself from important relationships. At this Lunar Eclipse, the Moon opposes Mars, which can further heat tempers and the likelihood for impulsive actions-reactions. And that can inflame any situation, increasing the potential for creating harm and havoc.

This Lunar Eclipse suggests a positive turn of events, revelations that change everything (Moon trines Jupiter, Sun sextiles Jupiter). Changes may not be negative and can have an unexpected pleasant outcome.

Yet, there is an imbalance as Jupiter-in-Libra exactly squares Pluto-in-Capricorn. There is a strong urge to expand – everything – all your horizons – especially anything that adds to your personal power. You may feel excited and ready to take big risks, and that can work out to your advantage unless your motives are based on greed, revenge, jealousy, obsession and then you can find support receding.

But the challenges you attract now are windows into a deeper understanding of who you are and what you value. If there is an imbalance between seeking power and seeking equality, deep power struggles can result. Pointing the finger in blame will only entrench struggles and not help to create workable solutions. This is not the time to play games. If this wasn’t crucial (Pluto) there would NOT be a trine (harmony) from Jupiter (expansion) in Libra (balance) to the LUNAR Eclipse Moon (the people).

Using power in a threatening way is more likely to backfire (Pluto it Retrograde) than have any effect – other than awaking and turning people OFF. The BIG awakening comes at the SOLAR ECLIPSE.

There is a YOD from Neptune-Pluto to the Sun (Neptune-sextile-Pluto and both are quincunx the Sun – placing the Sun and the Moon at the Neptune/Pluto midpoint). This is a very sensitive YOD – you can sense what’s coming, gain access to your inner self, and make adjustments to help you transform attitudes and make progress.

Now for what’s happening politically in the USA. At the Lunar Eclipse Trump has a Jupiter Return exact on August 5. This means transiting Pluto is square his Jupiter (and also transiting Jupiter since his natal Jupiter and transiting Jupiter are conjunct). The digging into his financial dealings continues. Consequences!

Jupiter, justice, is trine the Moon and square Pluto. This is all tight, so it manifests. The square of Jupiter to Pluto describes legal interrogations, probes that are uncomfortably revealing. The trine to the Moon shows this is beneficial to the people.

For people, this Eclipse can have a positive outcome. It’s the perfect time to perform or participate in a ritual to create peace, prosperity and more positive energy – personally and worldwide. It’s a time we can reach out and bring more positive energy down to Earth.

Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon chart (in NYC):
Click here for an astrology legend to read the symbols.

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