The Sun enters Scorpio – but first, a Last Quarter Moon

Last Quarter Moon
Sun enters Scorpio
October 22, 2016

Just 4 1/2 hours before the Sun enters Scorpio, Libra sends out its last call for peace with a Last Quarter Moon in Cancer.

The Sun’s ruler, Venus, is in Sagittarius. And this brings in the current mutual reception of Venus and Jupiter. (Venus is in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius, Jupiter is in Venus-ruled Libra.) They will also sextile in a few days (Oct 26). Venus&Jupiter will remain in mutual reception through the November 8 election. Planets in mutual reception stand in for each other; they work so well together they can take each other’s place in a chart. So here we are reminded of the power of love, the wisdom of the heart.

I share this because this has just been revealed to me on a very personal level and is timely with the Quarter Moon in Cancer. i just learned, and not on a mental level, the importance the heart. Many of us overlook the heart’s wisdom, valuing our mental abilities over our love. We are impressed by a smart person, but many don’t consider someone heartfelt to be very bright. Sweet, but not so bright. I learned how valuable love is from my dog as he was dying the other day. When we adopted Tom 3 years ago, he as elderly and brain damaged, most likely by heat stroke or perhaps by an ear infection. Because he wasn’t too bright, he had been rejected by several foster families and was being sent back to Tennessee to be euthanized. I took him home. He did’t have a mean bone in his body. He never growled, complained, or showed any anger or hostility. He taught me that love is just as important as being smart. And this helped me break through long held beliefs that have limited me all these years. Tom was a blessing. And this last hurrah of Libra is a blessing, as is the mutual reception of Venus & Jupiter.


Before we enter Scorpio, a sign that rules wealth on a grand scale, and Venus and Jupiter sextile, creating big opportunities for abundance, this Last Quarter Moon in Cancer gives us clues to uncover the emotional blocks that inhibit our abundance and prosperity. If you’re ready to become a phoenix, you can go from the lowest and soar to the highest. Realizing your emotional (Moon in Cancer) blocks to success will help.

Cancer rules our family of origin, our roots. The Cancer-Libra square is a time when emotional dependency issues can come to light. Or, if they don’t, circumstances can remind you that they play a major a part in your life. You may realize there are underlying reasons you have held on to what gives you emotional security – even if it prevents you from moving forward in your life and forming new relationships that reflect your growth and love (Libra). You may think (thinking can be the problem!) that your original emotional imprints are so far in the past they have nothing to do with your present or future. Yet, the past holds on if we haven’t become conscious of what was imprinted on us before we could think logically, rationally. When our brains were undeveloped, our brainwaves functioned on slower frequencies. As we developed, our brainwaves became faster, we gained a social view of the world and our place in it. But before that happened, we were imprinted in ways that were beyond our consciousness and stay in our subconscious until we uncover them. No blame! This is how we develop. And now, at this Last Quarter Moon in Cancer, we can uncover more limiting beliefs that block our path to abundance.

And so at this Last Quarter Moon, as the Sun enters Scorpio, the hidden can be revealed. you may find you have opportunities to shed some of your heart walls and blocks that have defined you. In Scorpio, there is the opportunity for life to begin anew again. Scorpio is the sign of rebirth. And Venus-Jupiter can be a sign of better things to come – if you choose soul over ego. Of course the ego will trick and offer treats for us to let it continue to rule our lives. Will we go low, or high. Scorpio doesn’t offer a middle ground.

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Click here for an astrology legend to read the symbols.

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