How to keep moving forward – as Jupiter stations Retrograde @ Fall/Winter Midpoint – November 7, 2013

November 7, 2013
Jupiter stations Retrograde
Sun @ 15 Scorpio – the midpoint between Fall Equinox and Winter Solstice

We are exactly between Autumn EQUINOX and Winter SOLSTICE.

This is one of the 1/8-of-the-wheel holidays.

We’re in the exact middle of the FALL season – a festival for the senses. time for eating apples and squash – taste the essence of FALL. feel the inspiration of the FALL colors – experience the essence of FALL.

And on the same day —

Jupiter is making its yearly Retrograde station.

At its Retrograde station – Jupiter makes NO exact aspects to any planet or Asteroid
As always, the Sun will trine Jupiter 6 days after its Retrograde station (Sun @ 20 Scorpio, Jupiter @ 20 Cancer on November 12)

Jupiter is a social planet, a planet that symbolizes the collective potential. Jupiter enjoys connecting and expanding. But – without any contacts from other planets, expansion to ???? What happens to all the enthusiastic optimism generated now? Before anything actually manifests – poof – the energy can dissipate, the thrill is gone. Just as you get to the top of an awesome mountain, it somehow doesn’t matter. Achievement seems to be meaningless. There’s a loss of perspective usually gathered from contacts to other planets. You can’t see the big picture – the forest – or the tree. Inspiration dissipates. Does it really matter all that much?
There are also no planets in the sign of Sagittarius, the sign Jupiter rules, so you can feel like you’re on your own, disconnected from social context, wrapped up in your philosophy without any application to actual events in the world.

But you can change this.

11-12-13: a day to energize!
As the Sun trines Jupiter on November 12, both Sun and Jupiter sextile Mars and the Moon – trine Jupiter and the Moon @ 21 Pisces – creates a quick Grand Trine with KITE to Mars. Energy!

What MOTIVATES you? Whatever it is, that is what will bring you your greatest success this season (the rest of FALL 2013). It will also bring you the courage and encouragement you need to realize your vision through the Winter.

Since this is a WATER Grand Trine, following your emotions can open you to your inspiration, your passion.

This is your time to bring your inner light to the world. Light your lamp from within and let it light up the world –
(delve into your subconscious to make your emotional patterns more conscious – if you’d like me to explain more about how this process works and how you can use it to move through old limiting thoughts and behaviors, please let me know in the comments – Mercury stationing Direct in Scorpio is an ideal time to move forward from the inside out. thanks;)

Here’s a chart for the Fall/Winter midpoint, or astrological Halloween 2013:
Click for an astro legend

Chart for Sun trines Jupiter on November 12, 2013:
Click for an astro legend

Thanks for sharing your beautiful energy

10 thoughts on “How to keep moving forward – as Jupiter stations Retrograde @ Fall/Winter Midpoint – November 7, 2013

  1. Please more info about how to make the subconscious emotional patterns conscious!!! It is time to get to the bottom of them now and clear them out 😉

  2. Dear Lauren,
    Thank you so much for your ARTCHARTS…
    So, Today my natal Neptune (15 degrees Scorpio) rejoices..This Nov 4th I turned 50 (Mercury, Sun, Ceres all at 11 degrees Scorpio when I was born in 1963)- Chiron seems to be working overtime as it were and after losing my art teacher job (of 10 years) this past June (and currently on unemployment) I am working hard at releasing any old out worn tapes that are perhaps preventing me from attracting the next best vocational opportunity….
    Any astrological offerings on how best to use that direct Mercury energy would be GREAT (ps- my sun,mercury and Ceres are all in the 9th house – while Venus(28 Scorp), Vesta , Psyche and Mars (all at @ 9 degrees Sagg) are in my 10th )
    Thank you for all your great work- and ps. my sister’s name is “Lauren” 🙂

    • Dear Carolyn, you are becoming a spiritual leader, an inspirational energizer & healer and the spiritual/emotional work you’re doing now is to uncover your gifts – sift and polish! This will start to happen more at the Sun-Jupiter trine (Nov 12) that includes a KITE to Mars. You are going to learn to give and receive with ease – not with guilt and fear that depletes your energy – so you can’t share your gifts, instead of feeling negative about sharing and holding back. i am seeing you opening your throat chakra and starting to just let it out, speak your inspiration to the collective (Neptune) and becoming a teacher of inspiration as Chiron starts to conjunct its natal position (usually age 51). also, all that sag with Jupiter trine in Cancer, till the summer. you’ll be working again.
      synchronously, i don’t use it, but my middle name is Carol;-)
      thanks for your beautiful comments.
      Love&Blessings, Lauren

  3. Such a great read! Thanks for sharing this information with us – I’m a cancer Leo cusp from ’84, libra rising Taurus moon, having doubts about work and seeking direction from my passions, any advice on how to understand my next steps?
    Thank you : )

    • Dear Everett, Great question. We are trained out of feeling our emotions through judgment – especially men are taught to be STRONG, but the path to your passion is through you e-motions. they show you your flow, from the inside out, source of your inner strength
      This summer can be a big increase for you as Jupiter at the end of Cancer conjuncts your Sun. Saturn will be in Scorpio all year, uncovering your shadow and teaching more about your passions through the depths of emotions, which is the purest form of feedback. Saturn is probably connecting with your natal Saturn sometime around now, which is your 1st Saturn return. So this year is a time of big growth for you, as you relive your birth and experience a rebirth as an adult. this shows your life themes, what you are working on in this lifetime. people get concerned due to the intensity of emotions at this time. but this puts you in a position to be aware and take action. all the best on your wonderful journey, with Love, Lauren

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