Jan 25: Mercury Direct! Digging out of the box


Yay! Mercury stations Direct on Monday, January 25, 2016 @ 4:50 PM EST

Planets that station take a few days until they start moving forward again….

Mercury’s direct station represents a time when information that has been withheld, hidden, or simply not available, begins to emerge.

Mercury’s Direct station, happens exactly ONE degree from PLUTO, giving us yet another opportunity to experience an exact Mercury-Pluto conjunction (Jan 30) and Mercury-Uranus square (Jan 31).

While the East Coast is literally digging out of 2 1/2 feet of snow, we are ALL in the position to dig out of limiting thought (Mercury) boxes, possibly imposed by larger forces, control freaks, whether they’re part of mainstream culture, personal tyrants, or your own thoughts&beliefs that have held you back and kept you from striving and achieving.

Listen carefully. Mercury and Pluto are whispering in the depths of the unconscious. And Uranus (square Mercury-Pluto) keeps interrupting! What do those celebrated by the media (Uranus) really have to say? Are they making a meaningful contribution? Do we care? Or is it more about the drama, the excitement and illusions their stories create?

With Jupiter currently in Mercury-ruled Virgo and conjunct the North Node, to move forward, the details of those stories count. So does sincere service to the world, a teacher, a higher power.

In the face of cultural leaders and would-be leaders (Pluto in CAPRICORN) who tell us how we should think and what we should believe (square Uranus) – there is pressure to fit in, to “normalize” so you can succeed. The only way to succeed is by being yourself. So how do you stay in your power to choose? To think beyond the limits and create your world. With SO MUCH conflicting information (Mercury-sq-Uranus), how do we even know who we are? what to think? who to believe.

Media stars? The media stars we celebrate are reflections of hidden parts of us (Mercury stationing Direct while conjunct Pluto & square Uranus), revealing thoughts that have been lurking underground and are now ready to move from the unconscious to the conscious, helping to us to transform & evolve – personally and collectively.

Let’s dig out!

Mercury Direct
Uranus in ARIES
Uranus squares Pluto

Chart for Mercury’s direct station:
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