Impeachment Hearings

Here’s the chart for the start of the Impeachment Hearings on November 13, 2019 in Washington, DC

Things to note: strong ARIES POINT presence – 0 Capricorn Rising (with Saturn in the 1st), Mars near the MC, Mercury Rx and Moon in Mercury-ruled Gemini in the 5th. Dynamic, even explosive! But not necessarily taking substance seriously, more in-your-face so people won’t know what to think. On a positive note, we can see some HEROES come to light. (chart was updated for the exact moment Adam Schiff graveled in the hearing)

2 thoughts on “Impeachment Hearings

    • I understand you follow Vedic astrology, but this is a Western astrology site. Still, both systems experienced the same (inferior) conjunction of Mercury-Sun on Nov 11, which is the midpoint of the current Mercury station. This event was 2 days later, as Mercury started the final phase of the Rx cycle. So this is a time when whatever has been hidden is trying to surface, carefully, noting all the details, getting it all right. Strengthening the effect – the Moon was in Gemini (western). Note the Moon in the 5th House, so people didn’t take it very seriously. Wanted to see more drama and intrigue (sexy), which it seems (several days after) most of the US public didn’t experience, so treated it as a joke. The Mercury Rx in Scorpio is good for digging up deep secrets, which is happening. And they will become public, Moon in Gemini and Mercury approaching (Prometheus phase) a Direct station on Nov 20. Along with Sun entering Sagittarius, which can also help to take the information that is being revealed and make it accessible to the public. Publish!

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