The Great GRAND Trine: Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune

July 17 there is an exact GRAND TRINE of Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune
July 19 – Mars joins Jupiter and adds its energy to the TRINE

Exact OUTERPLANET aspects always signify major events – historic moments.
This GRAND TRINE in WATER – is the perfect opening to a more spiritual, compassionate humanity.
It’s not active for long – and this week is the PEAK.



Jupiter will not return to this degree of Cancer and Saturn, just Direct last week, will also keep moving forward, while Neptune moves at its slower pace.

The GRAND TRINE is exact at 4 degrees 53-57 minutes – or 5 degrees – of all 3 WATER signs
On the DAY the GRAND TRINE is exact, the Moon joins by making a conjunction with SATURN in Scorpio.
Pluto makes a lose sexttile to Saturn and Neptune, and the Moon carries the LIGHT from Saturn to include PLUTO at 9 Capricorn 54.

This is a POWERFUL window of time to find our collective compassion and act on it.
However, there is a complacent nature to the GRAND TRINE, a feeling that everything is fine and will take care of itself. Trines represent our natural gifts. Especially with a GRAND TRINE, our gifts feel so natural we take them for granted and often tend to do nothing to develop or use them.

Jupiter in Cancer is ‘exalted.’ Exalted Jupiter-in-Cancer can give us access to our free flow of inner abundance.

So why isn’t everything on planet Earth just wonderful right now?

Jupiter is also conjunct HADES – the underworld, or hell. This symbol of disintegration can be terrifying if you are holding on to power and position. Will we be able to share power? Jupiter-Hades can also be seen as a liberation of the ego, what has been hidden is revealed. Abusive use of power can be cut off by a higher power, even if the process is not always easy.
(Hades, a Uranian planet, is currently at 2 Cancer 40)

If 5 degrees of the WATER signs impacts your chart – you may have the opportunity to be of great world service.

Pluto is receiving wide sextiles from Saturn and Neptune – and an (applying) opposition from Jupiter – a GRAND TRINE with a sextile creates a KITE – the aspect of supreme good fortune. The KITE is to PLUTO.
As Jupiter moves forward this summer, it will oppose Pluto-in-Capricorn and square Uranus-in-Aries –
creating an exact and powerful T-SQUARE in late August.

Uranus and Pluto will continue to square through 2015.
Mercury is Retrograde and this conflict is far from ‘over.’

If we don’t act on our compassionate nature now, we are likely to experience an intense escalation of conflicts worldwide.
We have a choice that is active right now.
Will we move towards peace, service, compassion or will we use the power of Pluto to manipulate those ‘without power’ into more frustration.

But perhaps the naysayers are right and we are going right to hell – this is a Grand Trine to NEPTUNE, and Neptune rules sacrifice. So perhaps we are sacrificing our higher ideals for the most aggressive to take as much as they please.

This is also the closing TRINE of Jupiter-Saturn, the 2 planets that rule social leadership. Their conjunction every 20 years, called the GREAT CONJUNCTION, marks eras of leadership. We are at the end of 240-years of GRAND CONJUNCTIONS in EARTH signs. For the next 200 years now the GREAT CONJUNCTIONS will be in AIR signs. This represents a major shift in how people will relate, as practical, grounded Earth themes lose momentum to the growing trend of Air themes, and we see the rise of the internet, social media, and an understanding that we are all connected. To each other and planet Earth.

Hopefully – at this GRAND TRINE – we will learn to tell the difference between dreams and fantasy so we can sacrifice our fantasies and pursue our dreams with energy, optimism, and compassion.

– – – – – – – – – – –

July 15, 2013. NASA reports the discovery of a New Moon of Neptune by Hubble Space Telescope

Chart showing the GRAND TRINE (blue lines are trines):
Click for an astro legend

This is the chart for the GRAND TRINE with the Uranian, or transNeptunian planets. Note that 1- Hades is at 2 Cancer 41, and 2- Black Moon Lilith (mean Apogee) is also conjunct Jupiter, currently at 4 Cancer 11. Mars is at 2 Cancer 17, and Jupiter @ 4 Cancer 43. This chart is calculated for daylight time NOON in NYC.

The GREAT GRAND TRINE includes several of the Trans Neptunian planets, which are hypothetical planets discovered by Uranian astrologers. Their vibrations are thought to have a significant influence on Earth, and here we have a chart that bring these planets to our attention. It is interesting that this happens as NASA reports that Voyager I is about to become the “first human-made object to reach interstellar space.”

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