awesome timing: the goddess asteroids and the YOD

The Asteroids – especially Juno and Vesta – are making a major statement as they interact with the long-term YOD – Saturn-PLuto to Jupiter – and their message is compelling, at least…

I’ve been writing about a major long-term YOD recently. A YOD is an isosceles triangle – the base is 2 planets that sextile (60 degrees apart) – and they both are 150 degrees from the focal planet, or point of the isosceles triangle. This means new adjustments intended to create change. They are not usually comfortable or natural, but they do expand us by adjusting to new ways.

Long-term YOD to Jupiter from Saturn-Pluto sextile.
Joined by Vesta and Juno

FOCAL point of the YOD – Vesta conjuncts Jupiter
BASE of the YOD – Juno conjuncts Pluto and sextiles Saturn

Venus joins as she conjuncts Pluto (Jan 16) and sextiles Saturn (Jan 17)

Here are links to delineate the important aspects:
Vesta conjuncts Jupiter
Juno conjuncts Pluto
Juno sextiles Saturn
Venus conjuncts Juno

Vesta inconjunct Saturn
Vesta inconjunct Pluto

more about Juno
more about Vesta

Pallas Equinox. It’s Spring Time for Pallas Athene. She’s making a big splash at 0 degrees Aries – the Aries point and the Equinox point – on January 10, 2013 and will remain in Aries through March 2013.

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