Happy Full Moon, seriously

Full Moon
June 27/28
@ 12:53 AM EDT
Moon @ 6 Capricorn 29
Sun @ 6 Cancer 29

The Full Moon, coming late at night (12:53 AM EDT), straddles 2 days. So the actual date depends on where you are. The fruits of the previous NEW MOON are ready to be reaped. If we have done the work of the NEW MOON and found our inner joy, the FULL MOON is the time to reap our revelations. If not, opposites can disconnect and divide.

The Full Moon is in Capricorn conjunct the Saturn, ruler of Capricorn. (Saturn conjunct the Moon and opposing the Sun shows us Saturn is exactly in the middle of its current Retrograde station) It’s summer, but this is a critical time with far-reaching, and very personal, consequences. Something here can touch everyone.  Despite the dangers and challenges all around, the Great Mother Capricorn Moon. We can feel inspired to get organized; to focus our intentions and take care of business.

The FULL MOON is the culmination of a Sun-Moon cycle that started with the NEW MOON in Gemini. The messages of this NEW MOON have the power to change our consciousness. And the FULL MOON in Capricorn, it’s the very real human dramas – the children, the family, personal security, and public safety – what is usually private is becoming PUBLIC – with the potential to awaken us to a higher consciousness. The SUN in Cancer provides the opportunity to find our compassion.

There is a split between security and humanity. Unless information is thought through first and then openly shared, it CANNOT be assimilated and nothing can be learned. That means plans will not work out – because no one knows what is happening. The NEW MOON in GEMINI with the FULL MOON in Capricorn-Cancer means we need to hear and understand information for it to be digested. If we can’t assimilate information, we create a split between us and them.

Despite the pull of the past, there is an invitation to move into your future. unexpected needs and desires can force change. Status quo doesn’t seem to have a clue as plans recede farther than closer to reality. It shows there are changes we can easily make, even though we may not be able to rely on approval as guidance.

Meanwhile, MARS stations RETROGRADE on June 26 – with the FULL MOON. This is a strong pull to the past.  It can be a BIG challenge to use the revelations of the FULL MOON to create new awareness. Lack of honest communication can shut that down. The next lunation cycle (New and Full Moon) brings the Eclipses; first a Partial Solar (New Moon July 12), then a TOTAL Lunar (July 27). If we’re off to a rocky (Capricorn) start, and Mars – energy – is moving backwards in Aquarius – the path of consciousness is closed, or at least seriously slowed down. It’s not going to be easy to share from the heart, to find our love, to do anything but throw more shade.

From the point of the Full Moon, it is on us to take the information revealed at the FULL MOON and disseminate it throughout society – so it’s useful to everyone. But that’s an impossible mission when the information is not even acknowledged let alone debated with respect and civility (Capricorn). It’s a time to ask ourselves what we value. If we hold on to old ideas, we block the light of new consciousness, new awareness, and new ideas.

This FULL MOON in Capricorn is the time to envision the perfect parent.  Whether or not you have biological children, what kind of parent do you want to be to the world? If we take ourselves seriously and accept our personal responsibility – with joy – we can move mountains. And be there to help the children.


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