Full Moon on Friday the 13th

Full Moon on Friday, June 13, 2014
@ 12:12 AM EDT
Moon @ 22 Sagittarius 05
Sun @ 22 Gemini 05

The FULL MOON is in Sagittarius. This makes Jupiter the ruler of the FULL MOON.

Jupiter is in Cancer (ruled by the Moon, meaning Moon and Jupiter are in mutual reception, working well together). Jupiter is exactly semisextile the Sun and quincunx the Moon. To think, feel, & BE more positive, a few attitude adjustments can be helpful. Jupiter wants us to BENEFIT, succeed, excel. It is the planet of abundance and generosity.

So let’s talk about your prosperity…



The Honey FULL MOON in Sagittarius/Gemini will be a BIG FULL MOON, as the Earth and Moon are at their closest point (perigee) the day after the Moon is Full. Not exactly a SUPER Full Moon, but close and appropriate for Sagittarius, the sign of BIG. This Moon can bring up questions and lingering issues around the ethics and morality of prosperity. Also your personal history with money, going back to childhood (the Moon). Is money the root of all evil? Do you deserve to have money? To enjoy a happy life? If you are looking to money for affirmation that you are ok, on track, a good person, it is likely to elude you.

The (quincunx) aspect between the Moon and Jupiter shows slanted beliefs about money – I deserve to have what I desire vs unresolved feelings of money as unspiritual, money as too complicated, money as something beyond your reach.

What does money really mean to you? Personal value, worth, love, respect, accepted, safety, protection, security, happiness, peace, power, freedom ? These are all intangible ideas. And the problem with mixing intangible ideas with money is that money is tangible. Money is/was created to buy real goods and services. Not abstract concepts. You’re not going to improve your inner state of being AFTER you’re wealthy. You can do it right now. And then get the money.

What you attract is where you focus your energy. And where you focus energy creates your vibration. How you vibrate is what you’ll attract.

The FULL MOON in Sagittarius is an invitation to lighten up. To raise your vibration to a higher state where you CAN attract and receive abundance. Easily.

If you try to pin down exactly what your success will look like, how it will arrive, what form must take, you are more likely to inhibit its arrival instead of make it happen. What is your inner KNOWING telling you to do?

First is to realize and release inner “SHOULDS” – what you SHOULD be doing by now, what you SHOULD have achieved by now, what other people SHOULD give you. This is all interference on your abundance channel. All your inner shoulds lower your vibration, your self-worth, your inner sense of value, making it impossible to expand your confidence. And this blocks, perhaps even sabotages, your flow of creativity and prosperity.

This FULL MOON is an opportunity (Sagittarius) to take care of your inner child (Gemini). Your inner child is alive within you – but she or he is not able to make BIG decisions that only you – the adult – can make. Let your inner child thrive. Don’t let him or her get freaked out! They can’t be part of your financial advise team. If you ask them to, they’ll cry or run away or hide. Assure them you can handle adult life and give them plenty of toys and fun things to do. And then get on with having BIG adult fun.


Sending you a BIG HUG and lots of love <3 Chart for FULL MOON (in NYC): fullmoon-6-13-14
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