Mission from Mars: realizing your Self: Full Moon on January 15, 2014


This Full Moon is your Mission from Mars – or – a message about how to realize your Self

Full Moon
on January 15, 2014 @ 11:52 PM EST
in Cancer

Moon @ 25 Cancer 58
Sun @ 25 Cancer 58

The Sun & Moon are opposing, which is the FULL MOON – and both are just past connections with the Capricorn Sun’s ruler, Saturn.
This is about being responsible – first to yourself. And then to your family, community, sense of belonging.

FULL MOONs are about the opposing Moon & Sun – the polarity between the male/female principles in opposing signs. This FULL MOON is in the Cancer / Capricorn polarity. The Moon in Cancer speaks of our inner child self. It wants support, belonging, nurturing, to be taken care of. The opposition is from the Sun in Capricorn – the adult self who realizes the power in taking care of oneself, of directing and building one’s life.

The Capricorn Sun’s ruler Saturn (now in Scorpio) is making helpful aspects to the Sun (sextile) and the Moon (trine), helping us to clearly realize (Full Moon) the power we have when we are willing to own our adult self, when we take responsibility for ourselves instead of looking for someone to blame. Instead of giving us power, blame keeps us trapped in a cycle of shame, guilt, judgment. And when that happens, we find excuses and we don’t grow. We remain in our child self, overwhelmed by the adult world. Children aren’t expected to have jobs, raise families, run companies, own homes, rent apartments, even to be serious. That’s overwhelming to a child. This FULL MOON is an opportunity to clearly tune into your child-self (who needs care and direction), your teen-self (who needs to criticize and judge), and your young adult self (who needs to idealize). Give them everything they ever wanted – without jealousy because that would pull you back into the past – and then, with a clear path, you can step imto your adult self.

When we don’t own our adult power, we remain stuck in old cycles of judgment. And that limits our growth. We defend our child position when we give our power to others and complain they’re doing it all wrong. This defensiveness keeps us in a cycle of letting the ‘big people’ have all the power. At this Full Moon in Cancer-Capricorn, we can clearly see how we set it up and step up to being an adult.

Here’s the chart for the Full Moon on January 15 (in NYC):
Click for an astrology legend to read the symbols.

There’s another aspect to the FULL MOON chart that stands out – boldly. It’s the T-SQUARE to MARS. Mars is square Retrograde Venus and Retrograde Jupiter.

This T-SQUARE to MARS can play on our fears. It can amp up anger and confrontation. This Mars wants to take ACTION against whatever stands in its way, and can even start a fight if it senses a challenger. Action is important, so what else can you DO to release and free up some energy?!

This SQUARE is the classic struggle between masculine DOING and feminine BEING.

Venus-in-Capricorn is ambitious. Even Retrograde, Venus-in-Capricorn is unlikely to give up its hard-won power and rewards. It has come too far and built too much status to give it up now. Retrograde, Venus-in-Capricorn can help us to release any lingering judgments or feelings of bitterness that limit our growth by making us feel old, mean-spirited, and ineffective.

Mars is in its DETRIMENT in Libra, a sign ruled by Venus. Here, Mars may want to argue to get its way. It may lack the self-confidence so characteristic of Mars and use anger to make its point. Here, the strength of Mars can cave in when it needs to stand strong, it can become overly assertive when it needs to peacefully negotiate. Mars in Libra is a search for balance between aggression and backing down.

And since Venus will stations DIRECT at the end of this month – the SQUARE to MARS will continue through early March. The thought that you can maintain power and control through degrading others is not going to make you strong, or able to achieve your ambitions, something Mars is passionate about doing. If you don’t respect any tradition, and just use force to assert your will, chances are you’ll keep pushing against the tide – for the foreseeable future anyway. And just when you could have been using that energy to build a grand future. Instead of slamming doors, cutting ties, and burning bridges, how can you open doors to new opportunities?

So at this Cancer-Capricorn FULL MOON with a big RED t-square to Mars, it’s not that everything will magically be ok or that we’ll pretend it is. Things will happen that are less than perfect. For some of us, can be difficult. Yet, it is not what happens, but HOW we respond that changes how we experience our reality. This is the shift, and this is the work.

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