Full Moon in Capricorn: release & transform

Full Moon
in Capricorn
July 9, 2017
@ 3:50:01 AM EDT

Yup, this Full Moon is intense. Perfect for releasing & transforming.

Moon @ 17 Capricorn 09
Sun @ 17 Cancer 09

Pluto @ 18 Capricorn 09 Rx

The Capricorn Full Moon puts the focus on career and social standing. The Sun in Cancer, opposing the Moon, wants equal time for family and self-nourishment. There is a push-pull between family vs career, being responsible to authority figures vs yourself, public vs private. How much do you need from others and how much are you able to give to yourself directly. Is there enough time to get it all done and make everyone happy?

The strong emotional charge of Cancer and the Moon can find you musing over the past to uncover clues to move forward. There can be emotional influences from your past that still impact your present and can make the future more challenging to unfold. This can play out in your current family dynamic which is also influenced by your past. But right now, at the Full Moon, you can gain a greater awareness of the past and how you can move forward with respect for others, as well as yourself. Or, you can skip the awareness and project your challenges onto others, use blame instead of taking responsibility.

The big player in the Full Moon chart is the Capricorn Moon conjunct Pluto. There is an intense power play between powerful leaders. And we are clearly seeing this in the G20 meetings and the accompanying protestors. The Sun-Pluto opposition can make compromise between power and people very strained. Is it possible for power to be shared? Can intrigue remain hidden? Answers may remain a mystery for now…

On a personal level, Moon-Pluto can deepen your emotional memories, much more than a usual Cancer-Capricorn opposition. You may have revelations into major changes you can make to release emotions that have been holding you back. They’ve been leaking anyway, making a mess, so it can be an opportune time to get to the bottom of things. A teacher or mentor can help you to see the path forward. Holding back is not the answer. Express it and let it go! And trust that new doors will open.

What to do? Clean out the deep dark recesses of your closet and let the light in – whether or not your ego wants to.

This post is short. Many reasons. The next lunation cycle are the Eclipses, Lunar then Solar, and i hope to put my energy into providing some understanding of these important Eclipses. Meanwhile, this is an intense emotional Full Moon, one with great challenges and equally great opportunities for transforming your awareness.

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