Full Moon in Aquarius: heart awakening

Full Moon in Aquarius
Tuesday, August 20 @ 9:45 PM EDT

Full Moon = exact Sun-Moon opposition
Moon @ 28 Aquarius 10
Sun @ 28 Leo 10




This FULL MOON is an inspiration to LOVE your SELF.
To say yes to YOUR higher SELF. To the WHOLE part of yourself that is part of all of us.
This is the connection point – between you and everyone – and all you have to do is be your truth.
And that will change the way you perceive, and that will change everything.
You ARE you!

This may not be your time to become YOUR SELF and unite with all of human spirit of LOVE

What are we awakening FROM? Where is the FREEDOM, as promised by Aquarius?

We are awakening from a long history of debilitating guilt and shame.

We are gaining our power.

We are experiencing our SELVES, our true DIVINE nature.

We are owning our SELVES.

You may not be ready to take it in.
Or, if you are on the cutting edge of healing and grace, you may be ready to activate your HIGHER SELF and build a higher awareness right here and now.

This FULL MOON is about gaining yourself but not for your own aggrandizement, but for the entire world (Aquarius). This is the integration of your divine self with the WORLD, every day.

SHIFT to our higher blessed self.

What if the HIGHER SOURCE of the next, incoming era was a GROUP Christ/Buddha – we all play our roles, and we are all equal.
Not everyone is part of this soul group. If you are, you know this in your HEART, and this inner knowledge can be activated and expanded at this FULL MOON in Aquarius-Leo.

Aquarius-Leo reminds us that we share (Aquarius) because each of us is a miracle (Leo).
Your Heart (Leo) is a miracle.
Your heart beating, your life force circulating (Aquarius), is a miracle.
Your life energy is a miracle.

When we are in our divine beauty, we are in our self-love, vibrating so high that we go beyond our self-doubt, our perceived inability to give or receive – and we simply radiate and share our beautiful waves of being.

There is nothing to DO with this energy. We simply are our true Selves.

Instead of finding all the faults and things to dis-like in others, if we experienced the truth, we would see the BEAUTY in every person we see. And we would CELEBRATE all that is. Even the nothingness of what is not.

So why are we hung up on dis-liking, and blocking the life energy flow?

For starters, the Moon’s ruler, Uranus, is square Pluto. Uranus-Pluto have been square for the past 3 years and have another year to go. The current position of JUPITER is magnifying this square (see Leo New Moon post). This AUTUMN there will be another exact Uranus-Pluto square. There are hidden depths that are being exposed, and not always at the right time and for our best interests. There are people, corporations, organizations who are invested in inflaming our hate. It’s a big profit margin. And easy to play.

Yet, the Moon is opposing Mercury and Sun – together now in Leo. This is a time we can have a profound connecting insight that AWAKENS to our true selves.

As a group (Aquarius), we trust social media corporations whose main objective is to gather as much of your personal information as possible to market us more stuff. We trust number-driven corporations, and we mistrust service-driven individuals. What is our goal (Aquarius)? Do we enjoy being able to target individuals (Leo) we don’t like, and if so, how is feeding our hate and lack of appreciation helping us as a group (Aquarius), and as individuals (Leo)?

Why is this?

Can we drop it?

We are beings of INNER love, and that inner love radiates out to all beings. It is not intended to aggrandize our egos, but to be radiantly shared.

Free will gives us a choice. We can awaken to our universal love, or we can serve our egos. We can play or we can shut down.

What to do?

Have an open mind to the process of discovering (Aquarius) your self (Leo)!
We can live and love in our true inner power.
You are LOVE.

Chart for the FULL MOON on August 20, 2013 (in NYC):
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