Working it out: Full Moon on February 22, 2016


Full Moon on February 22, 2016
@ 1:20 PM EST
Moon @ 3 Virgo 33
Sun @ 3 Pisces 33

Ruler is Mercury
Mercury @ 11 Aquarius 55
conjunct Pallas @ 11 Aquarius 02

The Full Moon is in Virgo. Let’s get down to business.

The Moon in astrology represents your emotions. It shows early imprints that formed your personality and what’s habitual for you. So the Moon shows you feel about your relationship to the world, if you feel the world is safe or scary, how comfortable – or uncomfortable – you feel in relation to the world, and how you approach the public.

In Virgo, the Moon is serious. It checks itself for errors constantly, tending to be analytical, critical, and detailed. To interact with the world, the Virgo Moon looks for how it can serve, make itself useful to others. To counteract a feeling that you cannot receive but only give to get by in the world, you can be emotionally detached and withdrawn. This can become a problem because love and service are not the same thing. We may happily serve the ones we love, but love is not service. We don’t fall in and out of service, we fall in and out love. To protect itself from scrutiny, the Virgo Moon can tend to be defensive. And while that may seem like a smart strategy, it also keeps us separated from the love and affection we desire. This Moon teaches us to lighten up on ourselves, to ease on our immediate critical responses to others – and to ourselves.

The Virgo Full Moon also gives us the vision to discover better, more efficient ways to work. And this is helped further by the Full Moon ruler, Mercury, making a sextile to Saturn. Detailed work can become more enjoyable than tedious, yet the details can continue to expand…

The Moon is at 3 Virgo 33, which we read at 4 Virgo. Dane Rudhyar’s* symbols for this Moon are a prayer and a blessing at this time in history. According to Rudhyar, the image for this placement is: “black and white children play together happily.” The Keynote is: “The overcoming of sociocultural prejudices.” We are awakening, shaking ourselves loose from the old mindset that limited all of us. Not just “them,” whoever “them” is. We start to realize we really are all one. Different, yet unified in our humanity.
*Dane Rudhyar “An Astrological Mandala”

Both the Sun and Moon are at the Uranus/Pluto midpoint. The old ways are ending. Change MUST happen. Many are willing to work as hard as they can, and harder, for this change to happen. Some will be destructive, because they are either impatient or fanatical.

Moon @ the Uranus/Pluto midpoint is sesquisquare Uranus and Pluto. Again, we see the theme of self-protection. It can become extreme during this Full Moon if you automatically react with too much force, if you take it out, go to emotional extremes.

Sun @ the Uranus/Pluto midpoint is semisquare Uranus and Pluto, while the MOON is semiquare Uranus and Pluto. Especially since this is the VIRGO Full Moon, this can be a time of extreme dedication to your work. And that can create great tension, especially since competition is at a peak. No matter how original, brilliant, and innovative your ideas may be, someone else can (excuse me!) trump you. Even if you work nonstop. Your body may not be able to keep up with the workflow and your nerves can start to come unglued if you can’t give yourself a break.

The activation of Uranus/Pluto (=Sun and =Moon) also brings up issues of gathering secret information. It reveals the technology debate over Apple’s decision not to write new software to allow government access to the terrorist’s iPhone. And the raging debate over ad-blocking software.

Yes, there is considerable instability, both at home, at work, in politics, and in the world. Somehow, tension must be resolved. It is on each of us to try to resolve our own emotional issues so we don’t feel manipulated by the powers that be and pushed past your breaking point. We are all called on to take back our power so we can make choices that are our own, without feeling forced or coerced by the pressure of competition.

And the best part about this Full Moon — when you keep breathing and are mindful of your focus and hold your resonance — the most amazing uncanny wonderful beautiful synchronicities are possible. You’re right on time.

The next lunation is the New Moon in Pisces on March 8/9, which is also a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE.

Chart for the Full Moon in Virgo (in NYC):
Click here for an astrology legend to read the symbols.

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