Full Moon: peaking in pink


Full Moon in Libra
April 11, 2017
@ 2:08 AM EDT
21 Libra 32

Pink Full Moon in Libra: are we finding balance, or going too far…?



The Pink Full Moon won’t look pink. It’s called the Pink Full Moon because of all the wild pink flox that blooms in the Spring. It’s also called the Spring Full Moon.

This is the LIBRA FULL MOON, the time we seek to balance what we want for ourselves with everyone else. If you or a partner has it all their way, there’s an imbalance that you’ll need to negotiate if you want to achieve the equality – the promise of this Full Moon.

Finding the balance-point can add to your growth and opportunities.

The Moon conjuncts optimistic Jupiter (visible in the night sky). With Moon in fair-minded Libra conjunct righteous Jupiter, ethics and morals come into sharp focus along with the law. And so we witness the swearing in of a new Supreme Court Justice. Along with impeachment proceedings against the Governor of Alabama.

While the Moon-Jupiter conjunction was exact a few hours BEFORE the Full Moon, the Sun-Uranus conjunction won’t be exact until April 13/14, so this is still coming INTO focus.

The perspective Jupiter is extra large and long-range, so our actions (Aries) can influence whole world, and the future. This is more than local.

The truth can be stretched, overblown, or greatly exaggerated. The Libra Moon is not only conjunct expansive Jupiter, it is opposing unpredictable Uranus, as the Sun conjuncts Uranus. The Jupiter-Uranus opposition – connecting with the Full Moon – can make it too easy to go too far, take too big a risk. If your energy is flowing, this can be a creative and exciting Full Moon. But if you’re stressed, you may be resisting making changes that could be greatly beneficial. But these are not normal times…

There are a preponderance of crisis aspects during the 1st two weeks of April, peaking with the Pink Full Moon on April 11, also known as the Spring Full Moon. This Full Moon is a culmination of all the aspects that have been filling our heads and headlines recently. And all these events come into hi-def at this Full Moon in Libra-Aries.

Saturn stationed Retrograde (on the degree of the Galactic center) on April 6, Mercury stationed Retrograde Sunday, April 9. Pluto is unlocking and unleashing energy as it trines Mars and squares the Sun-Jupiter opposition – which was visible starting at sunset on April 7th, continuing all night till dawn. This conjunction can be felt personally at the FULL MOON.

Just like the event charts for the past week, this is a heavy moment in time. Uranus is square the US Mercury, which rules the US chart’s 7th house of open enemies (more about Uranus-Mercury in the recent blog: Full Moon: Resist! and US Chart Update). You can also read more about what’s happening right now as Jupiter squares Pluto in the latest blog: Spring Equinox & New Moon.

If threatened, power can be used to overpower, by playing BIG – not by hiding. Sharing is not likely to be on the table, while putting all your cards out there, is. With perfect timing, the US fired 59 Tomahawk missiles at a Syria air base – a very pinpointed strike since the Sun was exactly opposing Jupiter (as both Sun & Jupiter square Pluto) – and also extreme as Jupiter squares Pluto.

The strike was announced at 8:45 PM EDT in Palm Beach Florida.

This chart puts Mercury on the 7th house cusp – sending a message to friends and foes alike (the 7th house rules partners and open enemies).

The Moon was at 28 Leo, which is the degree of the Great American Eclipse coming up on August 21, opposing the US (Sibley chart) Moon in Aquarius – and conjunct Donald Trump’s Mars-Ascendant (and Steve Bannon’s Moon). The 28 Leo Moon is also Void of Course, and void Moons can mean that “nothing comes it,” so hopefully nothing comes of it. It’s also possible that “nothing comes” of the strike for several other reasons: the airbase is still functioning, the chemical weapons remain intact, and there is no clear policy going forward. And – Syria is already bombing Syria again. And the refugees? Arguments that military action continues: Saturn and Mercury stationing Retrograde and Jupiter is Retrograde through June 9, and Venus will station Direct next weekend (April 15), the time MesoAmericans said “to set armies marching.” At best, some hidden intrigues can come to light since the Sun joins the Jupiter-Pluto square.

And one more thing. Mars. The planet of military action will go OUT OF BOUNDS in mid May. That means by declination (the distance of any planet from the Earth’s Equator), Mars will go beyond the latitudinal limit the Sun attains at Solstice (23 N or S 26) from mid to late May. When planets to beyond this point of latitude, they are considered “out of bounds,” and wild cards. Mars will reaching 24 N 17 around June 1 and then slowly go back “in bounds” in early June. (North means building karma, whereas South means paying off karmic debt.) Mars goes out-of-bounds every year, so this is not necessarily a prediction of military build-up, but it does become more possible when Mars, out of bounds, becomes a wild card.

Another aspect of these few days in early April was the visit of President Xi of China. As his plane touched down in Palm Beach, i happened to right by my computer and was able to cast the chart. Uranus was at the top of the chart, conjunct the Midheaven (10th house cusp). And the Moon was exactly trine Uranus, so it is possible they actually enjoyed socializing. And surprises were welcome, fortunate coincidences, and not upsetting. They could also have found some ingenious and enterprising solutions to ease business and trade. Mars (in the 10th) was exactly trine Pluto (in the 6th) unleashing great power. But then again, Uranus. Surprise! President Trump launched a missile strike on Syria right after dinner. And so this meeting which was thought to be the big event of the week, was overshadowed.

& Dailies every day on contributions is inspiring and greatly appreciated.

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Chart for the Pink Full Moon (in NYC):
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