First Quarter Moon and a Grand Square: making your New Year’s resolutions stick


First Quarter Moon – in Aries

Venus and Jupiter both reach the middle of their Retrograde cycles this week.
The First Quarter Moon underscores their interactions with other planets – and each other.
And in this chart, we can see how we’re doing with our 2014 resolutions – and find some keys to sustaining them.


As Venus reaches the middle of the Retrograde cycle, she conjuncts the Sun. And from the Sun’s perspective, she conjuncts the Earth. Venus is starting a NEW cycle.

Meanwhile, Jupiter opposes the Sun, and again, from the Sun’s perspective, Jupiter and the Earth are conjunct.

This is a clue to Retrogrades in general – they bring the energy symbolized by the planet – back to EARTH.

Mars, the ruler of the 1st Quarter Moon, is square Venus AND square Jupiter. Due to an upcoming Mars Retrograde station (March 1 – May 14), Mars will square Jupiter 2 more times, taking us thru the summer. Promote yourself! There’s no hurry, since it will happen 2 more times, but it is time to put your ambitions into action.

Mars square Jupiter challenges us to promote ourselves – our talents, skills, business. But this square can also make it feel unsafe to promote yourself. Jupiter can tend to exaggerate your self-importance beyond what feels natural, normal. Just stretching ‘the truth’ too far. It could help to find an opportunity coach to guide you to a positive approach to achieving and sustaining success. You can remove the PRESSURE to be successful and stop creating blocks to your success when you take your ego and resistance out of the picture. When you give from your love and joy you keep your vibrations high and make it easy and natural to receive. And that brings us to another key planet in this chart. Venus.

Venus is the planet of attraction. By seeing what and who we attract, Venus can help us realize what we really WANT, what we ENJOY. What we draw to us is invaluable feedback. And at this time in the Venus cycle, we get to have a deeper understanding of what we want so we can maker better choices. But – these choices may not stick – we can easily revert back to our comfort zone – if we don’t have the key component – passion. And that’s where Mars comes in.

Venus and Mars are approaching a square, which will be exact on January 16, just 12 hours after the coming FULL MOON, on January 15. Venus-square-Mars can put our desires into sharp focus – it can seem like what we need to do is grab more – especially if we’re NOT attracting what we want.

Here we are at the First Quarter Moon is a CARDINAL Grand Square – the first test of our New Year’s resolutions. In this chart, the Moon(&Uranus) squares Sun&Mercury&Venus square Mars squares Jupiter. And while this Grand SQUARE can seem to block progress, we can also use this pattern for reality feedback that can help us move through our blocks or resistance. What is holding us back? What are we holding onto that is keeping us in the same limiting box.

As Venus begins a new cycle, our old values may no longer working and the future is unclear. How can you move into a brighter future? According to Venus, it’s what makes you feel GOOD. Yes, there may be challenges as you move into YOUR future. You can’t rely on old versions of yourself. You’re probably not a teenager anymore, possibly not even a young adult. And relying on the values you had at these ages is not going to help your ADULT self to enjoy and prosper. The need to do whatever will make others like you, And staying in your limiting box, needs to be replaced by passion for taking on adult challenges.

You can GET all you want, even grab it if you need to, but if you can’t let it become your own, you will continue to resist it, and you won’t actually have it. Your resolutions won’t last. Not for long anyway. They will feel uncomfortable and you’ll go back to your old ways that feel more natural and comfortable.

So at this strong SQUARE, how are you doing? There can be tests, are you succeeding? Do you realize that these are YOUR tests, as VENUS Retrograde attracts us to find ways to determine our value and worth. Not to hurt or deter us, but to help us clean the slate and be open for what we really do want to attract.

The key to attraction is Love.

It’s our ego’s fear, doubt, and negativity that quickly filters out positive potentials as too hard, too much, too overwhelming. And we block the flow of what we want. And we get more of what we “don’t want.”

Venus reminds us, we really do have a choice. And in Capricorn, Venus adds that you need to take RESPONSIBILITY – to have the ability to respond – to allow yourselr to release whatever is blocking your ability to receive what and who you want to attract and enjoy.

We can push and grab, and attract more challenging, limiting energy. Or we can let love in. We can CHOOSE to vibrate in the key of LOVE by finding and expressing our appreciation – not only of others, but of our Selves. Love doesn’t mean giving till it hurts and we feel bad. That blocks the flow because it’s the vibration of fear. And you won’t be able to hold on to what you LOVE.

You already are LOVE. No one can take that from you.

Love is all there is!

First Quarter Moon in Aries (in NYC):
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