First Quarter Moon – between Eclipses

first quarter moon
november 20, 2012

First Quarter Moon
@ 28 Aquarius 40
on November 20, 2012
@ 9:32 am EST

This First Quarter Moon comes between the Eclipses. It is our guidance to greater awareness as the Moon waxes towards FULL – from the Solar to Lunar Eclipse. The information contained in the First Quarter Moon chart shows us what we need to focus on – right now – as we approach the more obvious power of the Full Moon.




The First Quarter Moon is @ 28 Aquarius 40. The Moon is exactly trine Venus @ 28 Libra 17, and approaching a conjunction with Neptune (now direct @ 0 Pisces 23). We are learning to love and detach. Open your heart, send your love, and let it go. And since this is the Moon between the Eclipses (determined by the Nodes), it is quite interesting that, while the Sun is conjunct the North Node – the First Quarter Moon is square the Nodes (@ 26 Scorpio-Taurus 03). To open our hearts, we need to get balanced.

This square of the Moon to the Nodes underscores the current lack of social balance. The general cultural clashes are not helping either side’s popularity – just when public opinion could do the most good, as First Quarter Moon trines Venus – exactly. This is happening because not everyone is ready to move forward and some are (unconsciously) trying to block the flow of positive energy. We want to love – with strings attached – just when we need to let go.

Commitment to a cause can be honorable, but if the cause becomes more important than what’s really going on, you can find yourself at a crossroad between what you believe and what is realistic. Ideal v real. What you ideally want – and what is the most correct, honorable action you can take right now. Too much emphasis in either direction can throw you off balance. Unsubstantiated beliefs can send you on wild goose chases, blocking the flow of love, diverting your energy, and making real solutions even less likely. We are at a crossroads: cooperate or compete. This is especially important if you are feeling disappointed – a sign that you need to reflect further on what past beliefs you are clinging to, and not yet willing to release.

For those who are willing, yet still struggling with the reality of shifting upward, we receive the awareness that all we need to be is willing. We do not have to be there yet. Aquarius. Reminding us to let go and allow our intuition.

The Aquarius Moon reawakens the awareness of how our communities nutrient our spirit – that all together we can accomplish almost anything.

When you are ready to embrace more of YOU, you will have, more faith in what is. And that open, balanced connection will give you more to share. Fill yourself with the Aquarius Moon’s most potent nutrient – YOU. You are wonderful. Show up. Be present!

Here’s the chart for the First Quarter Moon

first quarter moon
in aquarius
november 20, 2012

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