First Quarter Moon in Capricorn: power storm

First Quarter Moon
Sunday, October 9, 2016
@ 12:33 AM EDT
in Capricorn

It’s a power storm of a First Quarter Moon – turning the inside out. Let’s find some clearing…




Moon @ 16 Capricorn 18
Sun @ 16 Libra 18

Ok. Not too many people pay attention to Quarter Moons. And if wasn’t on the day of a Presidential Debate i would have let it slide. But this First Quarter Moon in Capricorn packs an in-tense & powerful punch. So it’s a good time to look at the energy of the moment.

The Moon is conjunct Pluto, which makes it intense right there. Mood swings can be extreme, taking you from fascinated to fanatical in a heartbeat. Mars is close by to the Moon and Pluto, having just had an encounter with the Moon yesterday (Moon conjunct Mars on Saturday, October 8)

Of course, Sun-in-Libra squares the Moon (which is what makes it a Quarter Moon) – and Pluto. Power vs protocol. Diplomacy or hitting the jugular. It may seem politically polite, that’s politics. Yet, the square of Pluto-Sun & Pluto conjunct Moon tells a more ruthless story. It may be subtle, but we will feel the power punch of Moon-Pluto as emotions intensify and EXPLODE. Despite all the self-control in the world, emotions can be SO compelling, they can’t be held in ANOTHER MINUTE! So they come storming out, shattering the peace of Sun-in-Libra in ways that may not be intended – and may not work to anyone’s advantage – yet passions are SO intense they burst through anyway.

Manipulation can be subtle, people can swear they didn’t do it – yet there is it – we all FEEL it – and see it.

Hiding from your deep inner fears will keep them locked inside where they can continue to create overwhelming challenges that demand attention – often at the worst times. Releasing old programming gives you the clear sailing to express your creativity – no matter the challenges you encounter on the way.

If you pay attention to your subconscious programming, which is a constant practice, you can make real changes in how your emotions effect your life every way – from health, to wealth, to general well-being and how you go through a day. Do you get hung up in what someone said or did? That’s an old program running. And – despite the resistance this Moon can bring – the Pluto-Moon conjunction makes this is a great time to get clear about where subconscious programming comes from – so you can become conscious of it and release it. This takes consistent practice. And first – an intention to change. But you if you are willing to see it, you CAN do it!

[Just before the next First Quarter Moon on November 7, the Sun will sextile Pluto, making it easy to turn the knife and expose intrigues and other manipulations…]

Chart for the First Quarter Moon (in NYC):
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