Donald Trump’s Solar Return 2017: Boss Tweet

Solar Returns are birthday charts. When the Sun is exactly at the degree of your natal Sun, that’s your Solar Return.

The most important placement of a SOLAR Return chart is the Sun. Since this is a RE-turn chart, the house containing the SUN is an opportunity to re-think and re-visit our relationship with this area of life.

So the first thing to look at is – where is the Sun? Solar Return charts follow a pattern, as position of the Sun repeats in cardinal, fixed, or mutable houses for many years. So if your Solar Return is in the 2nd house one year, it will repeat in the 5th, 8th or 11th for many years.

[The Solar Return chart is shown on the inside wheel, while the NATAL chart is on the outside wheel.]

Donald Trump’s Solar Return (i used non-precessed) is in the 9th house, which highlights themes of higher law, foreign affairs, religion, philosophy. And the first thing that pops out is Saturn opposing his Sun – and conjunct his Moon. Saturn connects with all of our placements sooner or later, and acts as a timing mechanism, suggests a somber year ahead. Saturn structures and organizes, and provides boundaries. Saturn is in Sagittarius and in his SR 3rd house, opposing his Gemini (3rd house) Sun in the 9th house which is Sag’s house. This opposition shows the strong impact of his words on the world.

Sagittarius and Jupiter also rule humor, laugher, jokes. The opposition of the Sun in the 9th house (Jupiter’s house) to Saturn in Sagittarius can make it seem like the whole world is laughing at him, and that he would take that very seriously (Saturn).

Saturn is an Earth planet and puts everything on a realistic, earth level. As with all Saturn transits, there are very real lessons we need to learn. Saturn can force us into isolation in some way, giving us time and space to think. Saturn opposing Sun, especially with the Sun in the worldly 9th house, can feel like the whole world is against us. We may experience sorrow, profound events that open our perspective so we can think on a broad level.

Mercury and Mars. DT’s Solar Return (SR) Mars is just a few degrees from his natal Mercury, just at the 10th house, elevated and very visible to the whole world. Yes, we’ve seen plenty of angry (Mars) tweets (Mercury) and will likely see more. On June 17 @ 9:30 PM, Mars is exactly conjunct DT’s SR Mercury.

Expect his tweet storms to intensity to a fever pitch. Sure, you say, nothing new there. But this is likely to be above and beyond due to the Mercury-Mars conjunction in Cancer at the top of the chart – fully visible, which will put a very strong personal charge on the public arena. (Transiting Mercury conjuncts his natal Sun a few hours later)

Adding to the raging aggressive energy is the transiting North Node conjunct his natal Mars. Recognition and popularity mean everything for his political future and he will likely do anything to for greater public approval. And more followers.

A few more things… Partnerships, relationships, deal-making are front and center this year. His natal Juno is conjunct the SR ascendant, while his SR Juno is conjunct the SR IC (4th house cusp)- exactly squaring. This shows challenges to all relationships this year.

And health. Neptune is conjunct the SR 6th house cusp, the house of health. Neptune in Pisces is stationing Retrograde ( Neptune is now Retrograde), so there is some disorientation and uncertainty. Neptune is also quincunx natal Juno and sextile SR Juno, at the IC – base – of his SR chart. His base will be inspired while he may feel he has to extend himself in uncomfortable ways to reach the general population.

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