December 17 Full Moon: future perfect

fullmoon-12-17-13Full Moon in Gemini
December 17, 2013
@ 4:28 AM EST

Moon @ 25 Gemini 36
Sun @ 25 Sagittarius 36

Ruler of the Moon is Mercury
Mercury @ 18 Sagittarius is approaching a conjunction with the Sun (December 29)

This is a JUPITER-charged Full Moon. It can give us hope – a vision of the future, and the optimism to encourage us to make it happen.


The FULL MOON is just 4 days before WINTER SOLSTICE – the darkest and longest night of the year. So the light of the FULL MOON can be experienced as especially bright as it lights up the dark evening sky.

Shining its light, and having a strong connection to JUPITER, the FULL MOON is an opportunity to SEE our path to the future more clearly. To meet our future selves. We can use our creativity to visualize a future with golden opportunities for abundant success. We can also be feeling restless and not easily satisfied with future possibilities and start to fantasize or exaggerate either a better or worse future scenario (Jupiter sesquisquares Neptune).

Many of us are currently making majors SHIFTS in our lives, and this FULL MOON can help us expand our boundaries and go beyond past potentials. Before we get to cementing down the forms of our future, we need to dream our future. ANd to do that, we first need to clear our emotional blocks to giving our gifts and receiving the success we dream about. On this FULL MOON, what ARE we projecting out into the future. If we don’t clear the old emotional blocks and resistance, we will continue to create then in our future. Jupiter, now Retrograde, gives us the gift of clearing our old beliefs about ourselves so we can create our great future.

Jupiter’s connection to Neptune (an exact sesquisquare) cautions us not to draw firm conclusions about dreams or speculations. The sesquisquare can make either Jupiter or Neptune (currently conjunct the star Formalhaut) more sensitive and stressed. Our subconscious mind cannot be pinned down now, no matter how restless we feel. The strong JUPITER influence of this FULL MOON reminds us to look at the BIG picture – to look down the road into our future before deciding what’s important in the moment. imagine your self in 5 or 10 years. Where do you see yourself? And then, in relation to your future self, what in your present is truly important?

To start the process of moving towards your ideal future self, what gives you bliss? What inspires your passion? That’s what helps you break free of your resistance. This is not the time for exacting goals. Imagine your perfect future and let your future self give you some uplifting inspiration.

Chart for the Full Moon on December 17 2013 (in NYC):
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One thought on “December 17 Full Moon: future perfect

  1. Thanks for this, as Dec. 17th is my birthday, and I was also a full moon baby. This feels like a completion of some cycle – a full circle. I will be doing some clearing this full moon. Thanks for your excellent posts.

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