Ceres: dancin’ with the Sun

Ceres and the Sun do an interesting dance from now through Spring 2013.

There is notable symmetry to Ceres’ orbit this Winter. As Ceres Retrogrades into Gemini December 4, the Sun and Ceres will move synchronously till Spring.
Here’s a (hopefully) simple explanation and links..




Ceres – Retrograde @ 0 Cancer ~ moves into Gemini on December 4, 2012.

Ceres enters Gemini on Dec 4, stations Direct on February 4, and re-enters Cancer on April 4.

This means Ceres’ movements coincide with the Earth-Sun movements from Winter-to-Spring (from Capricorn Cardinal Point to midpoint to Aries Cardinal Point). Using the 90-degree dial, this is a conjunction in the 4th harmonic.

Also, Ceres stationed Retrograde on October 31, at the Fall-Winter midpoint and will station Direct on February 4 – at the Winter-Spring midpoint.

And the Sun’s Aries ingress – SPRING EQUINOX – coincides with Ceres Direct entering into Cancer on April 4 – another Cardinal point.

Ceres orbit, coinciding with the Sun-Earth relationship, reminds us that Mother Earth nurtures and needs to be actively nurtured. As Ceres retrograde back into Gemini (December 4 – April 4), we are being asked to learn more about nurturing and caring for Mother Earth. Overlooking problems for profit or gain – or because we don’t understand – will not help the people or the Earth, where we all live. We have more to learn about nurturing the Earth, and we are getting more time to learn. The Sun agrees!

Ceres in Gemini
Ceres in Cancer
Ceres Retrograde
Ceres Direct

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