#Astrology for Christmas Day *^* Many Blessings to all

And the majestic,
Jupiter from Yosemite
Christmas Day the Moon moves through Gemini and connects with Jupiter. We can already see Jupiter and the Moon getting closer in the western skies at sunset.

Today we can feel BLESSED. We can feel genuine joy for the abundance of all our gifts, for all that is around us, and for our connection to a higher power. And as we see the Moon touch Gemini at sunset, we may want to share the peace&joy of our spiritual connection with everyone we know.

As we celebrate on Christmas Day, the Sun squares Uranus while Mars enters Uranus-ruled Aquarius. The clashes of groupmind opinions start to intrude and separate us. We can feel more connected to ideas than individuals.

As we enjoy our blessings on Christmas Day, we are also thinking ahead as the Moon waxes towards Full on Friday. We’ll get back to the unfolding YOD and Uranus-Pluto aspects right after Christmas….

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