Astro Tracker: March 4 – 10, 2013

Tracking important transiting aspects for the week of March 4 – 10, 2013
by Lauren Edmond

Saturday, March 9 :
Mercury Rx squares Jupiter

It’s not really a lie – it’s more of an exaggeration of the truth. Or bs. Directly or indirectly, truth will be revealed by the end of the month, when Mercury and Jupiter square again.

Comet PanSTARR has become visible in the Northern Hemisphere. Info and images @ SpaceWeather

This SUPER BUSY week includes a visit from beyond the solar system – here some good things to know – and the BIG patterns forming this week…

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Monday, March 4 :
Mercury Rx squares Vesta
Sun conjuncts Mercury Rx
Venus squares Jupiter
Sun squares Vesta
Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius @ 4:53 PM EST

That’s a busy aspect day! But it LOOKS more confusing than it is. So here’s the basic pattern.

There’s a Last Quarter Moon on Monday –
MOON squares SUN and opposes VESTA (and JUPITER) – SUN is the focal planet of a T-Square
The SUN is shining – when we maintain SPIRITUAL FOCUS – positive thoughts and feelings can flow.
If we don’t have a spiritual focus, we can find ourselves on a wild goose chase searching for meaning and positive direction.

Conflicts can start today if you are waiting for someone else to give you validation BEFORE you feel your self-worth. Chances are (aspects to the SUN) – if given the chance they will NOT give you that affirmation today – regardless of whether or not you deserve it – because it doesn’t work that way – regardless of what they say. It’s about YOU taking your own lead and feeling your self esteem shine regardless of what someone else thinks, especially if it’s not a researched researched opinion and based on their personal set of rules.

Besides the Sun-Vesta-Moon pattern- there’s another T-SQUARE –
Venus is square Jupiter. The Moon briefly creates a T-Square to Venus early in the morning of March 4th. If this feels like a test of faith – it is.
Are you in it for your own glory, or something shared.
Being all about your own gain can be missing the LOVE. And the choice of glory over love is a test of faith.
If all you want is more, you can overextend yourself – consuming everything you can. Friends and lovers as well. You can shapeshift in and out of relationships, especially if they’re not ideally perfect. Meanwhile, is the other person supposed to hang out and wait…?

If you’re feeling increased tension – the focus on MUTABLE planets forming a T-SQUARE with Mercury Rx in Pisces can generate enough doubt and uncertainty to make many people a bit unsure of themselves, the future, and what they’ll think tomorrow. Our search to know everything, be everywhere can make us anxious, as we start to realize we are in the HABIT of being in constant search mode, rarely settling into anything long enough to concentrate with much depth. And that deep focus that is what centers the mind and has a generally calming effect. We are too driven to give ourselves time to be anywhere long enough to relax OR concentrate. The fact that you are searching for information and meaning shows how smart you are and how much you want to accomplish. There’s probably a lot you’ve learned and created recently that people would love to hear about – you probably have more to share than you realize.

Flying up a learning curve can make you feel like a modern-day hero. It can get so exciting, you can get caught up in the rush. As more of us attack our careers with unprecedented enthusiasm, forgetting about breaktime you put your ego in overdrive.

Sun and Mercury are at their inferior conjunction. As Mercury disappears into the rays of the Sun, information can be hidden under your nose – too close to see. Information evaporates…. Poof. It’s in Pisces. This is the halfway point of this Mercury Retrograde. If you look at this from the orbits of the planets, Mercury is directly between the Earth and the Sun, so this is actually a Mercury Eclipse. (With a telescope you can see a black dot that is Mercury passing directly in front of the Sun)

This gets even more interesting….

There is a large visible COMET Pan STARRS – passing between Mercury and the Sun on March 4, closest to Earth on March 5 – and visible to the naked eye in the Southern Hemisphere. It will conjunct the Sun on March 10 and become visible in the Northern Hemisphere March 12-13-14 with the (waxing) Crescent Moon. Check out more about COMET PAN STARRS, including links to NASA, on

More of Mercury’s adventures in RetrogradeLand – including a (secret?) meetup with Venus – as the week continues…

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Tuesday, March 5 :
Venus conjuncts Chiron

This is the time you get to feel and show your unconditional love for your teachers/mentors/guides. Unless you really think you figured it all out on your own. Maybe you just don’t feel the love that’s all around you. Whatever you need to do to tap into all that sensitivity will help release some of the tension of holding it back. If you can open your heart, you can feel the healing power of LOVE today.

Today’s midpoints make this a HIGH ENERGY day. There are exciting ideas being circulated – a true SPRING 2013 PREVIEW. If you feel rushed, and get impatient, you can lose the beat. Keeping a sense of humor can keep you in your flow – energized and resistance-free.

If an investment seems too good to be true – think about it again in the morning light – when you’re FULLY AWAKE and can fact check your hunch.

Wednesday, March 6 :
Venus sextiles Pluto
Venus trines Saturn
Mercury Rx conjuncts Venus

WHen you talk like that, people love to listen.

Here’s where the pattern starts to morph. While Mercury and Venus continue to square Jupiter – the emphasis shifts to the long-term Saturn-Pluto sextile – exact again on Friday. Mercury and Venus are together in the sky while sextile PLUTO and trine SATURN, adding their voice to the hi-level negotiations between Saturn and Pluto. The square to Jupiter suggests a block to abundance for anyone out of the Saturn-Pluto loop – everyone whose opinions are easily discounted and shelved (in Pisces). But HOLD THAT THOUGHT – these ideas and opinions will be heard. If not right now, by the end of March when Mercury – traveling direct – joins the Saturn-Pluto sextile.

Venus is at the exact position of aspecting both Saturn and Pluto on Wednesday/Thursday. If you can look at something in your life that is difficult – without getting upset – you can see through to a deeper level, where meaningful solutions are hidden just out of sight.

Talk and make money. Venus and Mercury are exactly conjunct – a great time to negotiate. Especially since Venus AND Mercury aspect Saturn and Pluto today (and Mercury again at the end of March after Mercury makes its Direct station). This is about critical thinking that may have been avoided, and still needs attention. Yet, just when it’s time to be serious, your mind may fill with romantic poetry. Let it flow! Your subconscious mind may have a message that can help you release something that has been bothering you for awhile…
Talk, relate, let them see you interest, and make business happen.

Thursday, March 7 :
Mercury Rx trines Saturn
Mercury Rx sextiles Pluto
Mars sesquisquares Saturn

Now you can start to put your inspirations into real words and plans. As Mercury connects exactly with the Saturn-Pluto sextile today, complex details can be worked out.

Negotiations can be time-consuming – yet beneficial for both sides – unless a power-grabber sees a deal as an opportunity for a con job.

Here’s the con –
The suggestion that a problem you have with someone’s statement is “ALL IN YOUR IMAGINATION.” That is a BIG suggestion.
The con happens by evoking images that suggest an emotion – all while saying they are NOT saying what they are suggesting in their images – of course, that’s all in your imagination. You might notice all the ways doubt is subtly infused to create confusion and gullibility. Is it real – or is it an editorial comment?

Friday, March 8 :
Saturn sextiles Pluto
Mercury conjuncts Chiron

Work time! Obsessive about making progress in career, you may be feeling too passionate about your work to slow down now. There is no amount of dedication that is too extreme.

Saturday, March 9 :
Mercury Rx squares Jupiter
If you have to think twice before saying something, there’s something you’re not seeing yet.

Thank for all your good wishes;=) Feeling younger every year! Oops Mercury sq Jupiter, is that true?

Sunday, March 10 :
Venus squares Vesta

Next week:
March 12: Mars enters Aries
March 13: Juno enters Aquarius

Spring Equinox (March 20) and the Full Moon (March 27) blog coming soon…. In 16 years of writing daily astrology – this may be one of THE MOST INTENSE charts i have seen. More when it’s time…!

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