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Tracking important transiting aspects for the week of March 25 – 31, 2013
by Lauren Edmond

Sunday, March 31 :
Happy Easter Sunday

Opportunities for LOVE abound – also manipulation. Your choice – love or using the honest love and positive energy of others for manipulation. No worries, fate is likely to take a hand in this. Or at least use a finger to point the way. (Today’s aspects are part of a double YOD, the finger of God)

Venus squares Pluto
Venus sextiles Jupiter
Sun square Pluto
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Monday, March 25 :
Who’s the boss?! If you are, what’s your management style. Using a condescending attitude as your shield is not working. And here’s the news: it’s seen for what it is. The ego’s fear. Yet, to have a respectful society, we all need to have respect ALL people.

The (unconscious) strategy of undermining others psychologically is about to backfire – in oddly fated ways as the MOON becomes FULL on Wednesday…. WHY? For being so purely selfish you manipulate to get your way – regardless of what that does to anyone else. And you just don’t care – until…

Behind our disrespect of others is our distrust of our SELVES. If we’re not “good enough” to make it, how could anyone else be? If you’re not where you want to be, no one else “should” be either – but how about the spiritual reality that we are ALL on our way to better places? ALL! We ALL incarnated to make it better, Not worse. What if there was less judgment and more space to make a valid contribution? Without the need to make a DONKEY out of anyone to feel worthwhile?!?! You may not move the mountain today, but you may make real progress if you try to move your own resistance.

Mars quincunx Saturn

Tuesday, March 26 :

There are opportunities for abundance, success – depending on how you use your ENERGY. If you use your energy to undermine others at every turn – in ways big or small – you just might find you are conflicted – ie, stuck. DEMANDING it stop NOW can dig you deeper. Extending positive energy and encouragement to others – even if you are not sure if you’re getting it back – is the only chance you have to turn this into a positive situation for yourself. Not easy. It means extracting your ego from the outcome. If you have a primal, unconscious, need to bully others to get what they have, you may find yourself in a battle you didn’t know was happening.

Subtle fears can STRETCH into fact. If we believe them, we can miss an opportunity to grow by using our ANIMATED energy to be generous and encouraging. If we give in to the fear – we can find ourselves embroiled in a heated power-struggle by the end of the day.

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I had written about the US chart transits for the Supreme Court session that began today, March 26, 2013 – and it disappeared. Here are the basics: Public opinion is ready – yet the Court may resist.

And some further thoughts. If marriage must be restricted to between a man and a fertile woman (can marriage be denied those who cannot procreate?), then is a woman/wife more than a birthing utility? Is marriage more than biological?

Mars sextile Jupiter
Mars square Pluto

Wednesday, March 27 :
Jupiter squares Chiron

Smacking the wrong person up the head may go terribly wrong as the real culprit is untouched, while the one who worked in your very best interests is harmed. You may never know, but you may still receive the karma. If we’re deeply (and secretly) afraid to move forward, anything can be a reason not to.

We expect the world, and it is never enough.

Thursday, March 28 :
Mercury trines Saturn Rx
Sun conjuncts Venus
Venus conjuncts Uranus
Sun conjuncts Uranus


This is the SUPERIOR Sun-Venus conjunction – the one that happens when Venus is DIRECT. (The inferior conjunction occurs when Venus is Retrograde.) This is part of a large pattern first discovered (to our knowledge) by the Mayans, called synods. right now in the sky, the SUN is directly between Earth and Venus, blocking our view of Venus. (At the inferior conjunction, Venus is between the Earth and Sun – closer to Earth.) Venus is farthest away from Earth now. We are literally up in the air about love and relationships, not grounded at all. It’s not a time to feel romantically or emotionally balanced. Add to that the Full Moon with the Sun conjunct Venus and Uranus, and Mars = LOVE is completely UNPREDICTABLE now. Our desires can seem beyond our control. But can also take us to someplace new and unplanned as Venus also joins Uranus and opposes the Full Moon.

Friday, March 29 :
Having great hopes and BIG dreams is what makes the world go round. Never stop. Just be aware that your big dreams require your attention and response-ability to manifest on Earth. And Earth needs your big ideas. Sending positive energy can open doors while negative judgments can slam them shut.

Mercury conjuncts Chiron
Mercury squares Jupiter
Mercury sextiles Pluto
Jupiter quincunx Pluto

Today – as you may see from all the Mercury aspects – Mercury joins the current planetary pattern. We may think we have effectively found the right one to blame. We may congratulate ourselves for being clever enough to figure it out. Yet, every minute we spend blaming is time wasted stuck in the wrong direction. If expectations are unrealistic, blaming is going to continue to provide you with less, even if that is very disappointing, it’s a strategy that doesn’t work energetically – although it seems to in a world ruled by powerful players. IF you absolutely will not, cannot adjust or bend for reality – you may continue to be disappointed – and if that causes a negative outburst, you may be nudged by the universe to find more respect for everyone’s choices – even when you DON’T agree. And even when what you have is not enough. It never is, we are on the road of life, finding new things to desire every moment we are ALIVE.

Saturday, March 30 :
Today’s Venus-Sun quincunx Saturn is part of the YOD – as Venus-Sun also sextiles Jupiter.
Friday- the Moon joins Saturn and becomes part of the YOD.
This is a turning point. But if you’re not ready, haven’t planned, or refuse, things can happen that force adjustments. Why is this happening? Because there is SO MUCH MORE you CAN DO. And more than doing it because you are so great or can make so much money, it’s about responding to a higher collective need for the good of ALL.

Venus quincunx Saturn
Pallas enters Taurus
Sun quincunx Saturn

Sunday, March 31 :
Venus squares Pluto
Venus sextiles Jupiter
Sun square Pluto

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