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Tracking the astrology SIGNPOSTS for the week of June 24 – 30, 2013

Moon Notes for Thursday, June 27 – the Pisces Moon aligns with Neptune, becoming part of the GRAND WATER TRINE.
This is a fast-moving aspect (the Moon moves swiftly) yet – it can set off emotions that continuously keep you in the same loop. It may not be easy to be ‘rational’ about what you feel now, but if you can just let it be and observe your feelings – you can gain entry into your subconscious process and consciously choose thoughts that make you feel better – not worse. Remember – as Mercury is Rx in water-sign Cancer – it’s not the BIG things, but the little choices you make every day that add up to where you are right now.

If you think time forgot you – this week will change your mind.
Major astro trends as Mercury stations Retrograde with the FULL MOON as JUPITER enters CANCER.
Are you ready for a major shifts in abundance, prosperity – but not yet – nothing can move yet because there is something missing…. Get a jump start and be ready before everyone else figures it out!

This week is HUGE! Full Moon – Jupiter sign change – Mercury Retrograde, and much more….

Mercury Rx – the one you thought was not worth considering and by passed for something ‘better,’ has not received your message of inferiority and is building energy, rapidly.

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Here are this week’s aspects – click for interps
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Monday, June 24 :
Moon is in Capricorn

Tuesday, June 25 :
Moon enters Aquarius @ 3:27 AM EDT
Jupiter enters Cancer @ 9:39 PM EDT

Wednesday, June 26 :
Moon is in Aquarius
Sun trines Saturn
Mercury stations Retrograde in Cancer
Disseminating Moon phase begins @ 12:11 PM EDT
Sun trines Neptune
Mars trines Juno

Thursday, June 27 :
Moon enters Pisces @ 4:32 AM EDT
Venus enters Leo @ 1:03 PM EDT

Friday, June 28 :
a href=””>Moon is in Pisces
Mars sesquisquares Saturn

Saturday, June 29 :
Moon enters Aries @ 9:07 AM EDT

Sunday, June 30 :
Moon is in Aries
Last Quarter Moon in Aries (08 Aries 34) @ 12:54 AM EDT
Venus conjuncts Ceres
Juno trines Pallas

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