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Tracking the astrology SIGNPOSTS for the week of July 8 – 14, 2013

This week is the New Moon in Cancer – Mercury is still Retrograde…

Mercury is Rx in Cancer – conjunct the New Moon – the perfect time to align harmonically by working on core issues. The subconscious is ready to share – listen in…

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Here are this week’s aspects – click for interps
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Monday, July 8 :
Moon is in Cancer
Saturn stations Direct
New Moon in Cancer (16 Cancer 17) @ 3:15 AM EDT
Venus inconjuncts Chiron

More on today’s Cancer New Moon: Moon Dust Memories

chart for the New Moon – click for an astro legend

Tuesday, July 9 :
Sun inconjuncts Juno
Moon enters Leo @ 6:48 AM EDT
Sun conjuncts Mercury Rx

Wednesday, July 10 :
Moon is in Leo
Mercury Rx inconjuncts Juno

Thursday, July 11 :
Moon is in Leo
Venus opposes Juno
Moon enters Virgo @ 6:12 PM EDT

Friday, July 12 :
Moon is in Virgo
Sun sesquisquares Neptune
Crescent Moon phase begins @ 4:14 AM EDT

If your focus is on how you can overwhelm and defeat others, you can find plenty to dislike – even demonize. You also have the option to shift your intense focus to what you appreciate – and find even more to like.

Saturday, July 13 :
Moon is in Virgo
Venus semisquares Jupiter
Mars enters Cancer @ 9:21 AM EDT

TODAY’s ASTRO MEME: Emotions you feel now can have deep roots and that can extend to how you eat, pick fights, and feel -and react to – stress. The need for more emotional security at home can make you more defensive – or – if you’re emotionally balanced, more intuitive.

If you are demanding something, yet sending it a blast of negative energy, you are creating a state of defensiveness which blocks what you want – unless it arrives the hard way. This is MARS in Cancer – reminding us that fear creates weakness and strength comes from LOVE.

Sunday, July 14 :
Moon enters Libra @ 3:41 AM EDT

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