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Tracking the astrology SIGNPOSTS for the week of July 1 – 7, 2013

This week Mercury is Retrograde and the SUN creates a T-SQUARE with the Uranus-Pluto square.

Mercury is Rx in Cancer – the perfect time to align harmonically by working on core issues. The subconscious is ready to share – if you listen you will hear.

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Here are this week’s aspects – click for interps
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Last Quarter Moon phase

Monday, July 1 :
Moon is in Aries
Venus squares Saturn
Moon enters Taurus @ 5:43 PM EDT
Sun opposes Pluto
Venus inconjuncts Neptune

Tuesday, July 2 :
Moon is in Taurus

Wednesday, July 3 :
Moon is in Taurus
Ceres squares Saturn

Thursday, July 4 :
Moon is in Taurus
Balsamic Moon phase begins @ 12:02 AM EDT
Sun squares Uranus
Moon enters Gemini @ 5:22 AM EDT

Happy Birthday USA – and many happy returns!
Just like we have SOLAR RETURNS – or birthdays – when the SUN returns to the position it was in at our birth – everything has a solar return – including countries.

On the USA Solar Return – the Sun is square Uranus. For those who say they want a revolution – are you ready to pick up the pieces when there is total upheaval and nothing is secure – including loss of your financial worth. That is what Uranus – revolution – does. Square the Sun and Pluto – it’s answer to conflict is to overthrow without regard to what has value or what happens next – despite the dangers – and they can be extreme because Uranus and Pluto are embroiled in a 4-year square. Uranus in impulsive ARIES inflames and takes it out beyond all limits. Are you acting out of personal anger or against a society that is truly repressive. It may not be easy to tell the difference or be honest with yourself when tempers flare.

Democracy takes a working towards consensus – it’s a process of working with others, even whose who do not agree with your views – until their is a mutually agreed solution or plan to move forward. Or, we can get impatient, bypass the process, and start a revolution. ironically, we can realize that we need a consensus of citizens to protect our individual freedoms and rights. Without each other – we’re alone against the world – and that limits our possibilities and potential.

This is a day when people gather in large groups.
It’s an ideal time to release negative energy.
If group alignment is achieved now – from a place of love and healing – you can receive positive energy from the energy of today’s group celebration.

Friday, July 5 :
Moon is in Gemini
Sun trines Chiron
Venus semisquares Mars
Mercury sesquisquares Neptune
Venus inconjuncts Pluto

Saturday, July 6 :
Moon is in Gemini
Vesta enters Leo @ 5:56 AM EDT
Moon enters Cancer @ 8:14 PM EDT

Sunday, July 7 :
Moon is in Cancer
Venus trines Uranus

Monday, July 8 :
New Moon in Cancer (16 Cancer 17) @ 3:15 AM EDT
Venus inconjuncts Chiron

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