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This is an historic week as JUPITER – SATURN – NEPTUNE align in a WATER GRAND TRINE.
Mars-conjunct-JUPITER – is also part of the WATER GRAND TRINE – this is a summer WINDOW opportunity to RAISE your consciousness – at least through most of August when the window closes – NOW is the time!
Faith through responsibility and compassion – and this energy will reverberate ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Here are this week’s aspects – click for interps
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Monday, July 15 :
Moon is in Libra
Ceres inconjuncts (quincunx) Pluto
First Quarter Moon in Libra (23 Libra 46) @ 11:19 PM EDT

Tuesday, July 16 :
Moon enters Scorpio @ 10:24 AM EDT

Wednesday, July 17 :
Moon is in Scorpio
Vesta squares Saturn
Vesta inconjuncts (quincunx) Neptune
Uranus stations Retrograde
Jupiter trines Saturn
Jupiter trines Neptune

Read more about today’s portentous GRAND TRINE – Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune

clearly visualize your goals – find faith in your abilities – and get to work
deepen your understanding through meditation – ask with prayer, listen with meditation
find faith in source energy, or God
genuine concern – service – practical application of ideals and vision – serious reflection

Thursday, July 18 :
Moon is in Scorpio>
Venus sesquisquares Pluto
Moon enters Sagittarius @ 1:54 PM EDT

Friday, July 19 :
Moon is in Sagittarius
Saturn trines Neptune
Gibbous Moon phase begins @ 9:45 AM EDT

Saturday, July 20 :
Moon is in Sagittarius
Venus sesquisquares Uranus
Mercury stations Direct @ 2:38 PM EDT
Moon enters Capricorn @ 2:38 PM EDT
Mars trines Neptune
Ceres trines Uranus
Mars trines Saturn

Mercury makes its DIRECT station today! Uranus made its Retrograde station on July 17. Mercury and Uranus are SQUARE each other in CARDINAL signs. Progress for ingenious socially regressive ideas?

Sunday, July 21 :
Moon is in Capricorn
Mercury semisquares Venus
Pallas enters Cancer

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Your contributions : make a difference

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