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This week starts off with a rare and exciting astrological alignment – a GRAND SEXTILE !
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Here are this week’s TRANSITING ASPECTS…

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Monday, July 29 :
Moon enters Taurus @ 12:43 AM EDT
Pallas trines Neptune Rx
Last Quarter Moon in Taurus (6 Taurus 45) @ 1:44 PM EDT

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Tuesday, July 30 :
Moon is in Taurus
Venus trines Pluto
Pallas trines Saturn

Wednesday, July 31 :
Moon enters Gemini @ 11:42 AM EDT
Mars squares Uranus Rx
Mercury sesquisquares Neptune Rx

Thursday, August 1 :
Moon is in Gemini
Mars inconjuncts (quincunx) Juno Rx
Juno Rx sextiles Uranus
Sun inconjuncts (quincunx) Pluto
Mars trines Chiron Rx
Venus inconjuncts Juno Rx
Venus inconjuncts Uranus Rx

Friday, August 2 :
Moon is in Gemini
Venus opposes Chiron Rx
Juno opposes Vesta
Balsamic Moon phase begins @ 3:41 PM EDT
Venus sextiles Mars
Vesta trines Uranus Rx

Saturday, August 3 :
Moon enters Cancer @ 12:30 AM EDT
Sun opposes Juno Rx
Vesta inconjuncts (quincunx) Pluto Rx
Mars opposes Pluto Rx
Sun squares Saturn

Sunday, August 4 :
Moon is in Cancer
Sun trines Uranus Rx
Sun inconjuncts (quincunx) Chiron Rx

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