Astro Trendy Transits > March 18 – 24, 2013

Tracking important transiting trends for the week of March 18 – 24, 2013
by Lauren Edmond

Friday, March 22 :
Mars conjuncts Uranus


Saturday, March 23 :
Sun sextiles Juno
Jupiter inconjuncts Saturn

Any finger pointing is at the wrong person.

More TODAY and the rest of this week’s TRANSITING ASPECTS…

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Monday, March 18 :
Venus squares Ceres
Venus sesquisquares Saturn

As Pisces winds down, today can seem like an endless stream of chores and errands. Maintenance!
It’s also a time when lost love can return. And when opening your horizons can lead to profound creative expression.

Marking the first day of Mercury’s Direct motions, the PEW Research group has released their 2013 Media study, showing the chances of your interest in the media has plummeted. The politicians, business leaders, and celebrities now tell their own stories. Directly to the public. No middle men. No experts, no one who has focused their work on the subject and can filter information from bias. The study shows our interest in knowing more has decreased over the last 5 years.

Tuesday, March 19 :
First Quarter Moon @ 1:27 PM EDT in Gemini @ 29 Gemini 16

Thoughts that you have been holding back – need a way to come out. Find encouragement and LEAN into it. Continuing to hold it in can make you anxious and STRESSED. Share your news & information.

Note that the FIRST QUARTER MOON is at 29 Gemini – within a degree of Cancer. Everything is holding on – even the weather – as winter maintains its hold here in the northeast US. (NYC&area – the Spring Equinox chart in NYC features Gemini on the IC – placement of the weather indicator.)

The Moon in the very last degree of GEMINI – as Mercury stations Direct – can give us one last night of WINTER TO REMEMBER. The last blast can be its last grasp, but one it won’t want to release.

Here is yet another chance to rethink our position on COMPASSION.
(First Quarter Moon @ 29 Gemini square Sun @ 29 Pisces – Moon’s ruler is Mercury stationing Direct @ 5 Pisces)
Even the slightest nudge in the direction of compassion erases centuries of hate encrusted on the akashic records.

How many of us HOLD our STORIES inside because we know they will not be believed and we will be called names. Or because we have been told that ‘no one’ wants to hear our story. What happens to those stories and the pent-up need to tell them?

How productive is your mindchatter? Do you work potential problems through, think things out, or is it an endless tapeloop that always goes to the same place? This First Quarter Moon – right before Spring springs with FULL FORCE – is a good time to become more aware of how your inner dialog goes, the paths it takes, and how that relates to your ability to communicate, or not. Endless arguments are a sign that your tapeloop is stuck and needs to release something so you can be clear and ready for the next Season. Starting tomorrow!

Your contributions : make a difference

Wednesday, March 20 :
Sun enters Aries = Spring Equinox (NHemisphere) @ 7:01:55 AM EDT

It’s Spring! And winter hangs on (in the US Northeast)… how much more ADAPTABLE can we be?!!?

Spring arrives with the Moon in Cancer. Are we really as bold as we appear? While OUTSIDE we may be charging ahead – our INNER life can make an equally compelling request of our time and energy today.

Arguments or negative results are possible – especially about money – and especially if you are lending to a friend or partner in need [due to the current Sun-Venus conjunct – part of a larger Sun-Venus pattern]

Thursday, March 21 :
Saturn trines Chiron
Pallas sextiles Ceres
Venus enters Aries

Relationships can grow and prosper when BOTH SIDES take each other seriously. You can accomplish more by honoring and respecting someone than by being condescending. The only problem – Saturn is RETROGRADE so this may not be possible if you (secretly) benefit more by keeping social hierarchies firmly in place. Yes, it is amazing what FEAR can prompt us to do.

If you’re feeling patronized and not respected for your professional work – spend some time with friends and lovers who APPRECIATE you now. Share the love and enjoy the rewards of being you;-)

Friday, March 22 :
Mars conjuncts Uranus


The pace is fast – and so are your reflexes, helping you to react as quickly as things happen.
People may think you’re rude to promote YOU – STILL – it’s time to get YOURSELF out there.
Getting stressed will only zap your circuits.

Instead – enter the world of your imagination where you can SPONTANEOUSLY access inventive ingenious new worlds.
How many new friends can you make today?

A media guru i follow – Joel Comm – does all this, at minimum, every day.

Maintain my personal Facebook page
– Post content on my Facebook fan page
– Tweet several times each day
– Post content to my Google Plus account
– Connect with more people on LinkedIn, and maintain my Twitter Power for Business group on the site.
– Upload new videos to YouTube
– Post photos on Instagram
– Pin photos on Pinterest
– Buy and sell shares of others on Empire Avenue
– Give Klout and Kred to others.

This just scratches the surface. There are hundreds of other social sites which I could use to bring value to the online community.

Now get to work!

Great ideast – i may start posting somewhere besides this page…..

Sure you’re in a HUPRY – but there’s still time for artcharts

Your contributions : make a difference

Saturday, March 23 :
Sun sextiles Juno
Jupiter inconjuncts Saturn

This (Jupiter/Saturn) is the crux of the current astro pattern. The finger is pointing at the wrong person.

If everything is someone else’s fault – and has nothing to do with choices and decisions you made – you may continue to find fault with things that you can’t change – while allowing what you can change to continue.

When we shower excessive praise – or too much criticism on someone – we risk making decisions that will throw us off. We may not realize it, but it the inflated opinions throw us just a little too far off balance. And that makes us ripe for relationship upsets. How can we relate to anyone when we approach life – and most of all ourselves – with distrust? How can we honor another when we have no trust – in ourselves or in them. When we honor each other, we can achieve real, genuine self-confidence. Not bloated vanity that disappears when you need it most.

You got the energy! What you DO with it is up to your choices – your character.

Sunday, March 24 :
Venus sextiles Juno

Don’t forget the LOVE.
Today you can enjoy your close relationships.
Mutual support can help everyone make progress – not just one at the expense of the other. If you extend your good feelings – you may find your appreciation is mutual.

Your contributions : make a difference

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