Sexy Valentine’s Day with the Asteroids

This blog is about 2 things that happen at the same time – Valentine’s Day & an Asteroid FlyBy
There are 2 events and there are 2 patterns – YODS – that fit together exactly.
YODS are considered aspects of fate, and this double pattern is rare. Is there a way out? Making connections with charts and links

Feb 15 Record Settling Asteroid FlyBy Announced by NASA

The exact minute NASA says the Asteroid will be closest to earth is 2:24 PM EST on February 15. The chart for this time features a double interlocking YOD – and it coincides with Valentine’s Day. It’s a VERY active week for Goddess Asteroid aspects in OUR solar system. This chart has 2 interlocking YODS – let’s see where that points…


Valentine’s Day and Asteroid FlyBy: Saved from Asteroid by Asteroids
This chart literally focuses on the Goddess Asteroids in our Solar System.
Reversing karmic directions

There are 4 participating planets and asteroids in a 2-way YOD:
Saturn, Vesta, Pallas, and Pluto

Warning: this post includes Asteroids and will go so far as to include them in a YOD formation.

If you are unsure of the role that the Asteroids play in our lives, this week’s transits may give you more information. They intend to uncover many beliefs about women and their place in society – uncomfortable subjects not everyone wants to acknowledge, let alone discuss. Many of us just don’t have the experience or the words. The Asteroids are actively participating in our behalf. What are they doing?

Vesta and Pallas are creating the fate pattern, or YOD. And doubling it. There are 2 YODS interlocking – the pattern of “no escape.” Is there a way out? this is a FLY BY – not a collision. The answer is yes. With some adjustments. Just doing one thing won’t help – you will need to be flexible.

The planet at the focal planet of the YOD picks the direction for the shift, and the 2 sextiling planets – the base of the triangle – do the heavy lifting. But- with 2 interlocking YODS, there are 2 focal planets are going in 2 different directions (Saturn in Scorpio and Vesta in Gemini).

While the focal planet of the YOD points the direction forward, the planets that form the base work together (sextile) to make it happen, and that takes them into unfamiliar territory, away from the ‘comfort zone.’ An attitude adjustment is needed. This means a stretch that pulls you in a direction that is slightly off, unnatural. You can feel sideswipped, blindsided, caught off-guard – you are not in familiar surroundings. To stretch, you need to be flexible.

While oppositions are in compatible ELEMENTS, quincunxes (a/k/a inconjuncts) are not. They are not in the same QUALITIES either (like squares). With no familiar reference points, the 2 quincunx signs feel truly exotic to each other. It’s a stretch to see each other, let alone understand.

There are 2 YODS at once that intersect. Appropriate for an asteroid fly-by, 2 of the Goddess Asteroids from our own solar system are key to this chart pattern.

YOD to VESTA – quincunx SATURN & PLUTO

There are 4 participating planets and asteroids in a 2-way YOD:
Saturn, Vesta, Pallas, and Pluto

The Saturn-Pluto sextile is strong. Saturn and Pluto are in “mutual reception,” which means they are in each other’s rulership signs – creating a more powerful partnership. They are so at home in each other’s homes, they can stand-in for each other. (Saturn in Pluto-ruled Scorpio; Pluto in Saturn-ruled Capricorn) This is a long-term working relationship that will continue to form and build.
Pallas and Vesta are only sextile this week. This partnership is specifically targeted for right now. (Pallas is moving through Aries quickly and will move out of orb by the weekend)

Here are the major aspects:
Saturn sextile Pluto
Vesta sextile Pallas
Pallas quincunx Saturn
Vesta quincunx Saturn
Vesta quincunx Pluto
Pallas square Pluto
Venus square Saturn
Venus trines Vesta and sextiles Pallas/Uranus

Pallas/Uranus conjunction in Aries

There are 2 sextiles that form the base of 2 intersecting YODS
Pluto sextile Saturn (long-term)
Vesta sextile Pallas (just this week)

The key to this double YOD is the sextile of Pallas and Vesta. We can find greater purpose and meaning in our paths by giving our spirituality a greater role.

Whatever you are doing, whether it’s a career or personal pursuit, you can be more active, more true to yourself, more focused on your cause.

Saturn is one of the 4 key planets. Combining the laserlike focus of Saturn-in-Scorpio with the focus of Vesta in a key – discipline can help you move forward.

How do you define success? Do you feel your success is approved by others? Does it depend on your financial worth? Does your social worth matter more than your inner worth? How do you fit creative projects into a busy daily schedule, and why bother? If you automatically reject the importance of your inner creative life, think of the social implications – and what it means to everyone including yourself. The way we treat our own inner other-feminine is how we treat all women. Our fear reflects in how well or poorly we treat each other. We can see how an automatic dismissal of feminine values would create a condescending attitude to women – and to your inner self- whether you are male or female.

This is a chart of the double YOD on February 14. It only shows sextile and quincunx aspects so the YODS are easy to spot.

double YOD

double YOD

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