Inauguration: really real

The Inauguration of Donald J. Trump as 45th President of the US is on January 20, 2017 @ 12:00 PM in Washington DC.

Let’s look at the chart!

Many of the aspects, especially the outer-planet ones, are the same as the last Full Moon (January 12).

But on Inauguration Day, Mars enters the picture with a square to Saturn. That’s a difficult aspect. In fact, it can be mean & defensive if the ego isn’t checked. And the chances of that are…. If the ego is checked, endurance can be high, but this isn’t that kind of zen event.

Saturn is also the ruler of the Midheaven, government, while the Sun, in the 10th house, is just into Aquarius (0 Aquarius 49). At the Inauguration, Mars is square Saturn. And like all the recent charts, Saturn & Jupiter play the major role. Saturn is sextile Jupiter and trine Uranus, while Jupiter opposes Uranus. These outer-planet aspects will repeat throughout 2017 and therefore set the tone for the year ahead. This is a year of coming together to grow and expand. To become BIGGER, not to shrink down. To expand your consciousness. To look beyond your personal perspective. To stand for your beliefs even if that means making spontaneous changes. To take the moral high road. And not only personally but on a social level. And when you do, you just may find support & opportunities from sources you never tapped – before now.

It can also be a time when there is spirited social opposition as Jupiter & Uranus oppose. There is an unpredictable energy with the Jupiter-Uranus opposition – it disrupts the status quo – making it impossible to know where we are headed. And that can create a feeling of anxiety. There is a great amount of opposition on a mass social scale. Change is out of the box.

For some, this will be an opportunity to build bridges across great divides. Tradition vs innovation. Royalty vs the citizenry. Books vs tweets. Wisdom vs chaos. Education vs intuition.

Here are a few suggestions to start thinking about how to span these bridges. Grow your intuition. Increase your tech-ability. Expand your social circle. Discover more social circles. Learn more about your government. Tell your representatives what you think. Take or teach a class in something that blows your mind. Market your great ideas and knowledge. Find new and novel ways to create more success in your life.

Mars is in Pisces, along with Pallas, Neptune, Venus & Chiron. And this Pisces Stellium (3 or more planets in the same sign) are square Saturn-Juno. What kind of deals are being made? Not much is clear (Pisces) except there’s a lot of illusion and confusion around them. That is clear. It’s not the time to get lazy about events or overlook difficulties, even though Pisces would rather dream & drift. Not all the energy circulating now is rosy and positive.

And Jupiter in Libra is quincunx Chiron & Saturn (also Venus, ruler of Jupiter-in-Libra) so it’s a stretch to call this Inaugural pageant a love fest. Or to envision the capacity for healing or feeling united.

For the millions of citizens distressed by the lack of humility and respect for all people shown by the incoming 45th President (Mars-Saturn square) – and even fear the potential abuse of power by the incoming administration – we need to check the fear we hold in our hearts. The outer bully is activating our inner bully and the outer bully only has power OVER us when we have fear within. We will get some help with holding the courage to take a strong stand as Mars enters Aries on Jan 28 and Mercury finally makes an exact conjunction with Pluto on Jan 29, possibly uncovering covert information that has been concealed. January 27 is the New Moon in Aquarius – symbolizing the start of a new social/political cycle. (Important note: Mercury came within a degree of a conjunction with Pluto the day Mercury stationed Retrograde, Dec 19.). This conjunction of Mercury-Pluto at the New Moon unleashes information, courage, and heroism. Head-on.

But on Inauguration Day, there is a stellium of planets in Pisces, along with ruler Neptune, reminding us that our imagination has the power to create whatever we believe. And it also reinforces that there is a lot of shady business going on. Whether this comes from outside or inside our selves, we give the power to the object. We don’t HAVE to. But when fear is stronger than love, it happens. It is not always easy to find love and release fear. We have good reasons to keep our fear as a lookout. The Inauguration Moon in Scorpio is suspicious. And trine Neptune it can be open to suggestions and affected by impressions.

Inauguration and Donald Trump
Inauguration Day features a Mars-Saturn square. And Donald Trump’s transit chart for the Inauguration features strong connections between Mars and Saturn. Saturn is conjunct Trump’s Moon and square his Mars (all year). While transiting Mars is trine his Saturn (and his Venus) – short term.

The strong emphasis on Mars-Saturn is about PACING. Taking things in stride. To push without pushing too hard, to honor process & protocols. To move at a respectful pace. To be ready to work – hard.

Mars trine Trump’s Saturn takes what can be erratic energy and helps to use it in a controlled and deliberate manner. He doesn’t have to let his high passionate energy control him, he can direct it to work FOR him. At least for today.

However, Saturn makes challenging aspects TO his chart – all year. And this can be more difficult to handle. Saturn conjunct Moon is a time of going inside for answers. Not easy for someone with Mars on the Ascendant, someone who feels very natural exerting energy OUTward. Saturn conjunct Moon doesn’t seem to be something that would feel natural for Donald Trump. Yet, it will happen again since Saturn will Retrograde back to his Moon in August/September. (Note the TOTAL Solar Eclipse on August 21.) Simultaneously, Saturn squares his Mars. It will take great care and self-control to work with his own ego and not transfer threatening feelings to others. This is not an easy aspect and it can feel like you’re being tested every step of the way. To minimize risks, you’d have to take things seriously.

Although it seems like Saturn is moving away from these aspects to Mr. Trump’s chart, Saturn will station Retrograde in early April and these aspects will all repeat for the rest of this year.

We wish him well and hope he does heed these serious Saturn aspects. He has been honored with a truly GREAT responsibility. What he does with it is his choice.

Inauguration Chart for January 20, 2017 in Washington, DC
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Donald Trump – Inauguration chart:
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