2012 Winter Solstice: Foundation and Faith @ the edge

winter solstice
december 21, 2012

Winter Solstice
the one long prophesied
Sun enters Capricorn
December 21, 2012
@ 11:11:37 AM UTC
@ 6:11:37 AM EST

The Sun @ 23S26 declination enters Capricorn. Welcome to Winter.

After thinking, meditating, and writing this blog about the 2012 Solstice, it points to this. Are we willing to seek true perspective. Or are we going to jump off the round Earth?

This Solstice is most certainly a test of FAITH. And besides an esoteric concept like faith, are we willing, here and now, to take ethical and moral responsibility for our society? Our selves? Or are do we still need to demonize when we disagree, and expect everyone simply fall in line. What happens when that doesn’t happen… Are threats overdone?




Here are the astronomical facts:

YOD to Jupiter is partile (exact in the same degree).

YOD to Ceres is tight – within a degree.

Uranus-Pluto are square, their midpoint is at the Eclipse midpoint of 22 Aquarius.

The antiscia of the Uranus-Pluto midpoint is 8 Scorpio, the current location of Saturn. (Saturn’s anticscia is 21 Aquarius) Saturn is sextile Pluto and inconjunct Jupiter. Pluto is also inconjunct Jupiter. This forms a YOD – an isosceles triangle.

All at 8 degrees of their signs:
Pluto @ 8 Capricorn – Cardinal Earth
Saturn @ 8 Scorpio – Fixed Water
Jupiter @ 8 Gemini – Mutable Air

Jupiter is at the focal point of the YOD – Jupiter is the energy channel between Saturn and Pluto. This is an especially POWERFUL channel because Saturn and Pluto are both power planets – in powerful signs – and in MUTUAL RECEPTION.

Since the channel is JUPITER – this can be a positive sign that we are ready – all together – to advance. We are ready to be grateful, ethical, moral, benevolent, generous. Being all those things will naturally produce faith. Expansion. Graduation Day. Jupiter is always a symbol of graduation, moving from one step to the next.

Jupiter is still Rx, so Jupiter will again return to this position – 8Gemini54 – on March 11, 2013.

As readers of this blog already know, there has been a YOD to Jupiter that was HOT in the Spring Eclipse charts and more recently foreshadowed by the Moon in the Lunar Eclipse of November 2. At Solstice, the YOD to Jupiter is exact.

The base of the YOD is the Saturn-Pluto sextile. Saturn and Pluto relate easily. They enjoy the easy give and take of the sextile aspect, they are in mutual reception which means they are welcome in each other’s territory, they can literally stand-in for each other in the chart. This makes a powerful union even more powerful.

I wrote the following about NYC before Newtown, CT happened. The tragedy in Newtown is a direct reflection of the positions of the planets at Solstice. The PARAN of Mercury(ASC)-Uranus(IC) is exact around Exit 16 of the NYS Thruway, for all my fellow NYers. For everyone else, between Newburgh and Danbury. Is this the headline news portended in the chart, or is there more coming as we approach Solstice? Uranus is unpredictable. This is electrical energy that explodes or implodes from within. Uranus is in early Aries (4Aries38) and Aries is ruled by Mars. This is about youth. But Mars is in Capricorn and Saturn is in Scorpio – in MUTUAL RECEPTION. Are our children safe? And Mercury rules schools and children, so there we have children caught in the crosshairs. Sad symbols of our collective anxiety boiling over. Perhaps it is the innocent children who will finally cause the seemingly ultimate authority of the big giants to be questioned and brought into balance.

NYC. I know, everyone’s been through a lot. Some more than others. Personally, we were lucky, only 5 days without power and a few weeks of spotty heat. But many are still struggling to rebuild their lives. And so it seems like a little too painful for a NYer to say what the Winter Solstice chart is suggesting for NYC. So i’ll just say that it does not indicate stability in the home. I’m not suggesting another hurricane.

We are going to make it to 2013. It’s going to be great. The best ever. And we’re going to do it by positively supporting ourselves and each other.

Jupiter is about the FUTURE. What kind of future are we creating? A future of goodwill that Jupiter is pointing us towards?

The YOD to Jupiter shows we are ready to drop whatever pretense gets in the way of expressing our goodwill.

To feel the joy & celebration of higher vibrations – YOD to Jupiter – you may have to give something up. Like critical judgments and compulsive fanaticism that refuses to listen to anything beyond it’s fear-based compulsions. What would FAITH in yourself start to feel like as it radiates out into the world…?

Ever expanding, Jupiter always wants more. We are ever-expanding, there is never a level of complete satisfaction that will last forever… Yet, we can still be happy and feel the joy right now.

Jupiter – as the focal point of the YOD – points the way to enlightened leadership. A leader who is expansive, ethical, encouraging, optimistic is in the perfect position to lead the powerful base symbolized by Saturn-Pluto. Having tools and resources makes us strong. Directing that strength to improve society makes us great.

This is not to say that this kind of leadership happen easily. Jupiter at the YOD focal point is literally driving a wedge into big power (Saturn-Pluto). It is insisting on uncomfortable changes and stretches in the days ahead. It can happen if we are guided by the humanitarian values of Jupiter.

winter solstice
december 21, 2012

winter solstice
map – usa

winter solstice
map of northeast usa

winter solstice

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