As usual, 15 years ago when i made this painting, i had NO idea how controversial the concept of evolution would become in 2005. Yet, evolution and all scientific topics have been banned from IMAX Theatres and most of the southern USA, which represents an immediate 10% loss in market revenue to all scientific documentary-makers. So while we thought we were doing a great thing by personally evolving, we now find that creationists believe your evolution is heresy. But why is that a surprise? This site has been online for 9 years, and not 1 person has sent in the $10 shareware fee requested by the artist for downloading her paintings. But that's how you use the internet. You are not ready to evolve, so the evolution has been cancelled. As if that is possible for humans to do!

If you download these images, the artists asks for a $10 shareware fee per image. These images all took several hundred hours each to create and recompense is highly appreciated, not to mention makes you very cool.